Free Friday! The Redeemer’s Return

It’s Free Friday and today’s free download, usually $4.95, is The Redeemer’s Return by Arthur Walkington Pink. Click here to download.

Here is a reason which ought to carry conviction to every mind. If there is anything which imperatively needs our Redeemer to Return it is surely this poor sin-cursed world of ours!

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Staff Pick – The All Series

Staff Pick

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Wondering what to read next? With the thousands of books on the WORDsearch site, it can be tough to decide on what book to add to your library. But we’re here to help! Today’s Staff Pick highlights one of our employee’s favorite book sets. And don’t miss the special discount at the end of this post just for stopping by!

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Saturday Roundup

saturday roundup

Welcome to today’s WORDsearch Roundup, everything you might have missed this week, all in one place.

This week we released what many say is the best illustrated Bible handbook ever published, The Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook. It offers 1,152 pages that will greatly enhance your studies of all 66 books of the Bible. It walks you through each book, presenting fascinating details on the setting, author, geography, customers, and culture. It also has 112 articles by leading evangelical scholars on many topics, along with beautiful imagery to illustrate what you are studying.

Here’s a short excerpt from part of the text on the Gospel of John that illustrates how easy to follow and helpful The Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook is.

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Free Friday! Greek New Testament – Tischendorf


Happy Friday everyone! To go along with this week’s Pastor/Teacher’s Toolkit post, today’s featured free download is the Tischendorf Greek New Testament Interlinear.

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The Pastor/Teacher’s Toolkit – Morph Explorer

toolkit, cross-ref explorer

Morphology, in regards to linguistics, is the the study of the internal structure of words. As a pastor, teacher, or student of God’s Word, word study is an important aspect of Bible study.

What did the author mean when he wrote the words? To find out and understand a text, studying the language, context, author, and audience of the human writers of the Bible can be extremely helpful. (Keep in mind that no translation will ever be perfect, because no two languages are perfectly identical.) While it might seem overwhelming, WORDsearch can help you get started with the Morphology Explorer window.

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Guest Post – Fully Trusting in God


I have always admired my friends who could skateboard and pull off tricks like ollies, kickflips, and manuals. Unfortunately two things prohibited me from skateboarding: a mother who wouldn’t buy me a skateboard for fear that I would come home with a broken bone sticking out of my arm, and my own fear of getting hurt. When I would ask my friends tips on skating, the first thing they said was that I couldn’t be afraid of falling down and getting hurt. Letting go of fear and trusting in a helmet, knee pads, elbow pad, and wrist guards for protection is key to skateboarding, but very hard to do.

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