9 Reasons You Might Not See Your Books Yet—and What to Do About It

We’re excited to welcome Wordsearch users into the Faithlife family! By now you should have received Logos editions of many of your titles in your Wordsearch library, as well as a comparable version of Logos (at no charge). We know you want to protect the investment you’ve made in Bible software—and we do too! That’s why we’ve given you Logos.  [Read more…]

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Did you know that in Logos, you can “see” all 325 occurrences of “covenant” in the Bible in graph form? Or with the Notes Tool, you can copy an external link and paste it into a note anchored to Bible passage, so later—when you are studying or researching—you can click the note and Logos will take you straight to that location? Or that with the Biblical Person Workflow, you can trace a biblical person—like Jacob—to see where his story is referred to in the rest of the Bible? [Read more…]

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Morris-Proctor Logos Training

Now that you’ve got Logos, you’ll want to learn all of the ins and outs of how to use this powerful software effectively (we can’t wait for you to see all it can do!). 

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Need Help with Logos? The Logos Help Center Has Answers.

Hi, Wordsearch customers! We’re thrilled you’re now part of the Faithlife family—but we know you might be thinking:

How will I learn what I need to know to keep doing Bible study—and learn it fast? [Read more…]

Everything You Need to Know about Feature Upgrades, Logos Dynamic Pricing, and More

Welcome to the Logos family! We understand how much you rely on your Bible study software, and we want to help make your transition to Logos fast and easy so you can keep doing everything you used to do in Wordsearch (and so much more in Logos!).

Here you’ll find answers to many of your questions about what’s available to you as you transition from Wordsearch to Logos. [Read more…]

How to Access Your New Logos Account

How to access your Logos account

As a Wordsearch user, you can now access your content using Logos Bible Software. We’ve already created an account for you—all you have to do is set your password to get started. Your new Faithlife account can be used to log in to all of our websites, including logos.com. Follow these two simple steps below:

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