Welcome to the New WORDsearch Blog

Welcome to the new (and revived) WORDsearch Bible Software Blog!

Since taking our blog offline last year, we have received numerous requests to bring the blog back. Those who have asked for it have certainly exhibited the words of Paul in Romans 8:25, “But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with patience” (HCSB). Well, much like the parable of the persistent widow (Luke 18:1-8), your own persistence has paid off.

Now that the blog is back, what can you expect to find? For starters, you can expect to find all the things that you loved about our old blog, such as our quick tips and product highlights. We’re not stopping there though, as there are plenty of new things that we plan on doing on the blog, such as product giveaways, devotions, and more! You can also expect to see many familiar faces alongside newer ones that you have yet to hear from.

Our goal is to improve our communication with you and be more transparent as a company. In the comments of any blog post feel free to ask us questions, make suggestions, or tell us how we can be of better service to you.

We’re excited to have our blog online again, and we hope you are too!


  1. Gerald Hodge says

    Is there a kindle fire app in the works, i know you have one for the ipad. thank you and merry christmas

    • We will have a blog post going up in a couple of days that will explain some of the plans that we have for the future of our company & software. I think that may answer your question.

      At this time, we only have the iPad app and have no date for an Android (and Kindle Fire) app release.

    • Let me put my vote in for a Kindle app as well. I have three versions of your biggest competitor’s app – and would love to make use of my WordSearch resources on my Kindle as well.

  2. Many I am sure are waiting for an android app. Is there any particular reason one is not being developed? If you are trying to be useful to ministers enabling us to have access to our wordsearch library would be a great help. It costs trying to keep a separate library on our android appliances. it is money that we cannot spend to increase our wordsearch library.
    God Bless and Merry Christmas.

  3. I would love to have some kind of conversion for the many books I have now so that I can read them also on my Kindle or other e-reader. Is there such a thing in the works or a conversion tool. Thanks.

    • That is not something that we plan to offer. The books that you purchase from us are licensed to you for use within our software. Allowing you to read your books in formats that are outside our software is against the terms that we have agreed to with publishers in licensing their works.

      We are working toward a future where you can read the books that you have purchased from us on multiple devices & formats, such as the iPad app we currently have available.

  4. James Schafer says

    I join with the others in hopes of a soon Android app.

    What are the possibilities of bringing back, rather improving and providing, the Discussion Groups. A forum type group, IMHO, would be the best.

    • The discussion groups are something that we are actively working on bringing back. We want to make sure that it is something that can integrate well with the systems that we already have in place, as well as give our customers a better experience than what we had in our old discussion groups.

  5. Hi LaRosa,
    Didn’t say it in my last post, but it is great seeing your posts here. With your work on the various Videos and now the Blog, you are making a great contribution to all of us. I personally have a lot of resources in WordSearch and also the Big Brother, not too many duplications, Thank the Lord.

    To speak to the issue again of the discussion groups, I really think a Forum type group would work well, with prohibitions against doctrinal/theological arguments/posts. The Big Brother has a huge one that allows one to get information about the ins/outs of the program and its features. For the most part it is very friendly oriented and quite helpful.

    A plus for WordSearch is that the program is far more user friendly. The videos and the free Training that is offered helps greatly; and for those needing it Steven now offers 1 on 1. Can’t get better than that.

    Thanks again for all your input and work.

  6. I notice the testimonial from Charles Stanley and I’m wondering why don’t we have any of his books in our resources? Looks like they would make a great contribution to our reading and studying.

  7. What is the latest on the NASB for iPad? When can we expect it?

    • We are still working with the publisher to get favorable licensing terms so that we can make the NASB available to you on the iPad (and other devices in the future) without making you purchase an additional copy. So, at this time, we still do not have an ETA as to when it will be available.

  8. I am waiting for the next blog post when you will explain some of the plans that you have for the future of your company & software.

  9. Rev.Michael C James says

    I am inquiring about QV 10 Android Version

  10. Ellen Moore says

    Please help. I have just purchased Worksearch and am trying to unlock my free books.I have a number and passwork but can not find a place to put the info in. Also the Bible Explorer for pc will not download.

    • Hi Ellen,
      I’m sure you will get better information, but until you do, let me take a shot at helping you.

      First, you said you purchased Wordsearch. If that is the case you do NOT need Bible Explorer.

      In order to get the free books, and there are over 200 of them, you will need to first install Wordsearch. After the program is installed you can click on Help > Unlock Purchased Books.

      When you do that a box will open where you will insert the numbers you were given.

      You will find it to be a very easy task and I know you are going to enjoy using the program. BTW, did you purchase any package when you purchased WS? If so, what package did you get?

      Also, you will thoroughly enjoy the Free Training that is available. Steve and Linda do outstanding jobs of explaining how to get the most out of your Bible study with the available tools.

      God bless you in your walk with the Lord,


  11. Ellen, I meant to say after you have inserted the ID & Password numbers simply follow the instructions you will be given. It will take a while for the books to download and install. I usually just get a cup of coffee and sit back and watch it do it’s thing. Blessings!!

  12. Hi
    While I think your software is the best value on the market – I am frustrated by your scripture search function. To be honest I usually end up using Google.

    Your scripture search function assumes or requires the user to know a good chuck of the verse to filter down the number of hits, and that’s simply not always the case. The latest one was “the acceptable day” and perhaps it was the acceptable day of salvation. Google search brings up three scriptures – why? These are most searched, and what I was looking for one of three – EASY PEASY. Wordsearch brought up 171 hits on the same search. Of course you found it, but I had to wade through a hundred results to find the one I wanted.

    What about hit ranking or indexing verses on those more popularly known – just to sort the search results. I certainly expect you to search completely.

    While I’m in suggestive mode. The search function is not overly user friendly. The window is rather small and you have to scroll down and “wade” through the checkbox tree to include/exclude categories and types of books within the category.

    I certainly complement you – it is a very powerful search function. As usual the more capable software is the more complex it is. It’s the nature of software.

    Your software IS a blessing!!

    • Hi Alex, thanks so much for taking the time to write to us. I forwarded your comment to our sales manager and he has sent you an email addressing your recommendations. Thanks so much and hope to hear from you again!

  13. Bob Taylor says

    I’m new to WORDsearch coming from QuickVerse. I wonder that there doesn’t seem to be an EDIT>Select All function in the program. I’ve tried to right click and use the toolbar and cannot find such a function. Seems like a strange oversight, since this is a standarf Windows function. Maybe I’m overlooking it. Also the CTRL>E shortcut in QuickVerse is a great option for copying scripture to a word processing document.

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