WORDsearch and Lifeway – Past, Present and Future

Significant changes have been taking place at WORDsearch, especially since July of 2011.  Changes are being made that will benefit you.  You may already be aware that in 2011 WORDsearch acquired QuickVerse Bible Software and shortly thereafter was then acquired by Lifeway Christian ResourcesLifeWay, one of the world’s largest providers of Christian products and services, has been serving Christians and churches since 1891.  Lifeway operates over 160 Christian stores throughout the United States (there’s probably one near you).  This is wonderful news for you because it ensures that your investment in a digital library has a secure and exciting future.  Lifeway’s vision is simply stated as Biblical Solutions for Life.  This applies more than ever to Bible software.

Sometimes Change Can Be Difficult

You can imagine the difficulties that arise when you combine three different companies, each serving their customers with different staff, systems, and websites.  All too often, this period of transition results in frustration for you, the dear customer we have pledged to serve.  For these times of inconvenience and frustration, we apologize, and we will make it up to you with a future that includes outstanding new tools and customer service.

Looking Forward to Unified Bible Study Platforms

Talented Christian developers are working right now to bring all of your Bible study tools together. This means that if you buy a book in digital form once (like on your PC), you’ll own it and have access to it on all of your other devices – your Mac, your tablet, your mobile phone, and even in the cloud. We’re not quite there yet, but have made excellent progress.  Be patient with us, because this promise of cross-platform, synced applications and tools is in your future!

Here’s What You Can Do Right Now (It’s more than you think!)

WORDsearch Bible iPad App.  It’s FREE!  Just click here, or find the WORDsearch app at the iTunes store.  It’s been recently updated and is better than ever.  You’ll be able to access nearly all your WORDsearch or QuickVerse library. There are still a few missing books on the iPad, but we’re working hard to make everything available soon.

MyStudyBible.com – Have you heard about this?  MyStudyBible.com is like WORDsearch in the Cloud.  Read your WORDsearch books via MyStudyBible.com on any device that’s online, including your PC, Mac, mobile phone, or tablet.  Just sign in to MyStudyBible.com with your WORDsearch account info to access your content.  Please note: Not all WORDsearch books have been imported into MyStudyBible.com, but they will be. Your patience is appreciated, because importing thousands of WORDsearch titles into MyStudyBible.com is time-consuming. But, before long, this work will be completed, and all of those titles will be available for you in both places.  Anything you purchase from WORDsearch will ultimately be available for you at MyStudyBible.com and anything you purchase from MyStudyBible.com will be available for your WORDsearch or QuickVerse desktop.

Lifeway Reader App – Here’s another free app you’re going to want.  It’s available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and web.  Shortly after being launched in November of 2012 it ranked as one of the Top 20 Free Apps downloaded for the iPhone and iPad.  It’s an enhanced book reader for over 15,000 Christian books.  One of the features that make it “enhanced” is your ability to tap on any scripture reference (in any book or Bible) and have that reference pop up for reading.  This reader doesn’t yet sync with your WORDsearch library, but in the future it will.

More Apps.  Lots of them – Many other Lifeway apps are now available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Kindle, and even the XBOX.  Click here to see a list of these tools that were designed and created to help you in the various aspects of your ministry.

The WORDsearch Blog is Back – It’s taken a year, but once again you are invited to participate in the WORDsearch blog.  It’s a great way to connect with other WORDsearch users  and to offer your ideas and input.  You’ll also find lots of interesting ideas and content, including free stuff.

The Bible Is a Core Value at Lifeway.  God’s Holy Word is the common thread that runs through everything we do, and publish. You deserve the best technology, tools and content to study, preach, and teach God’s Word in order to change lives.  Many gifted and dedicated believers are working right now to serve your ministry in the promising days to come.

Thank you dear friends for your loyalty to WORDsearch, QuickVerse, and Lifeway!  And thank you for your patience through the trying times of transition.  With God’s direction, a rewarding future is ahead.


  1. Thank you, LifeWay and Word Search for this wonderful merge and for all the future dreams you have in store! I have been a Word Search user for ten or eleven years now, beginning with Bible Explorer and after a couple of years, upgrading to what was Word Search 6 at the time. I have upgraded with the Word Search program consistently as it has grown. I was saved by God’s grace at the age of eight years. I surrendered my life to the our Lord’s call into the Gospel ministry at the age of fourteen years. I had grand plans to complete my formal training for the ministry as I progressed through high school and longed for the day I could attend an institution with a full curriculum of Christian education. I did attend Bible college for three years but was forced stop my studies during my third year. I had planned to continue, however, the means was not provided nor was the door of opportunity opened for me. Since joining the Word Search family of Biblical study, I have been blessed with the means to continue a fully featured, affordable and dynamically conservative,Christian education, probably more fully equipped and featured than any I could have received in any Bible College available during the tenure of my formal studies. Naturally, this type of self education comes without a certificate of degree conferred by an institution of learning. However, I have been blessed to pastor the same church for thirty one years. The past ten or eleven of which our congregation has grown with me as I have delved deeply into the word of God through my intensive studies of the Bible through the Word Search program. Thank you dear people for your time, sacrifice and hard work to make such a study available to me and hundreds other pastors like myself, displaced from formal education and hungry for a more excellent study of God’s Word. And thank You, dear Lord, for inspiring the dream and vision in the hearts and minds of the founders of Word Search and Life Way, then thank You dear Lord, for ministering the grace to bring these dreams and visions into reality! With all of my heart, I pray God’s speed to be upon you all as you serve Him in this realm of education and Christian learning.
    In Christ,
    Mike Moore

  2. Thank you for sharing the challenges and successes of merging the companies. I can imagine how difficult it has been. I do want to ask for clarification on one thing and that is the future of Wordsearch on the Android platform.

    If I am understanding correctly, there will not actually be a dedicated Wordsearch Android app? It looks like Wordsearch will couple with the LifeWay reader app instead. If that is the case may I say I think it is a very poor choice to not give Android users a dedicated app.

    The reviews on the LifeWay app at the Google Play store are absolutely horrible. Because my internet is limited in use and in speed, an app that requires a constant connection will not work for me. I am hopeful that part of the exciting future developments include a dedicated app or tremendous improvement on the LifeWay app, namely offline use.

    I do believe your teams know exactly what they’re doing and am just sharing my opinion. Wordsearch is a powerful tool and I am thankful for the desktop program. Additionally, your support team is superior and the fact that you offer free training is priceless. I will continue to use WS on my pc and look forward to the future tools. Thank you for all you continue to do!

    • We are working toward a dedicated Android app for WORDsearch. The first and fastest thing we can do to meet the need of our users is allow you to read content you purchased from WORDsearch in the LifeWay Reader Android app. We hope to have it ready in June.

      The LifeWay Reader team is continuing to develop and improve the Android app. You will notice that the reviews in the Google Play store have improved as we’ve released updates. The first release did have a bug that prevented off line reading but it has been fixed. Books you own can be stored locally in the app for off line reading.

      We are developing a unified cross-platform user experience under a single brand, including a WORDsearch Android app. In the mean time, we will use the different platforms owned and developed by LifeWay to provide access to content you purchased from WORDsearch on any device, as soon as possible. The first stop on our road map is in June when we intend to offer the following:

      PC/Mac Desktop – WORDsearch, QuickVerse
      iPad/iPhone – WORDsearch app, LifeWay Reader app
      Web – MyStudyBible.com, reader.lifeway.com
      Mobile Web – MyStudyBible.com/mobile
      Android – LifeWay Reader app

  3. Charlie Ferrell says

    I too am looking forward to an Android WS app. I like the freedom of choice the Android platform offers. I don’t particularly enjoy the thought of purchasing an IPad just for the convenience of an IPad WS app. Please don’t drop the ball on this one. I also will put in a plug for the addition of jack Hayford’s New Spirit Filled Life Bible to be added to the the already great collection of resources. WordSearch would do well to add this great study bible to it’s list. The New Spirit Filled Life Bible is available on every other major bible software program out there. Logos, OliveTree and YouVersion all carry it. It would be a great addition to the WordSearch Library, and I’m sure it would be a great seller.

  4. Will there be more modules to BibleWorks?

  5. Charlie Ferrell says

    Does anyone know when the WordSearch Android App will be out? I keep asking the people at WordSearch and they keep telling me it’s in the works and should be out shortly. The same response for like the last year. … ;( We need and Android WordSearch Bible App!

    • Charlie Ferrell says

      I was wondering if anyone has a definite date yet as to when the WordSearch Bible App will be out?
      I keep getting the same answer by everyone. Probably next week… lol… next week keeps turning into months… lol… I remember last year it was going to definitely be out before the end of the year… then the year ended and now were half way through 2013. Next we’ll be hearing… it’ll be out before the end of the year…..lol

  6. rev. Harold Raines says

    You had a winner with the old program, buut this ner wordsearch is a mess with no cut and paste none of the notes were copied and none of the underlining from the old and the new version !!! I wish I had never updated to this new version.
    I wish some one with all the wisdom would put the old version back available for us until all the bugs are worked out of the new one.
    If You have not updated yet You might want to wait, this version is not as good as the old one!!!

    • kcornett says

      Sorry for the inconvenience, Harold! We are working to get these bugs fixed ASAP. Thanks so much for your patience!

  7. Great new product as I can clearly see in review, but I have a question. I am presently running Bible Explorer 4.0 on two laptops. I have many many add-on books I’ve purchased and unlocked from WordSearch over the years. If I upgrade to WordSearch by downloading the engine, will those unlocked and downloaded books work with the new app? I have alot of $$ in the old books. Secondly, if I upgrade on one machine, will I have to repurchase WordSearch for the other PC, or will I be able to add WordSearch to other laptop as well? Thirdly, I understand that the basic downloadable engine is completely expandable for new books I might want to purchase? Thanks so much for any info… I’ve been a fan of Bible Explorer since 2.0 (Epiphany.) Great product through the years and I speak with experience having used over 70 or so Bible apps since the mid 1990s including the big boys like Logos and BibleWorks as well as QuickVerse and Zondervan. Blessings!

    • Hi Vincent, When you upgrade from Bible Explorer 4.0 to the WORDsearch engine, all of your books will be compatible to transfer over to your new digital library. When you do the upgrade, you will only be required to purchase one upgrade, which will allow you to install it on all of your computers that you need it on. You are correct in that with the new engine, you will be open for expansion of your digital library. Any and all of the content on wordsearchbible.com will be downloadable into the WORDsearch 10 program.

      If you have any other questions, or need help with the conversion process, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-888-9898.

  8. Shonda Smith says

    I purchased Halley’s Bible Handbook. I unlocked and downloaded the book to my desktop computer just fine. I am using the WordSearch app on my iPad (version 2.2.1927). Even though I have synced the app, Halley’s Bible Handbook is not showing up. Please help!

    • Hi Shonda! Since Halley’s is a new release, it is not available on the iPad app yet. Thanks so much!

      • Shonda Smith says

        Thank you so much for your quick response. I sure hope this book will be available for the iPad soon. I love the new app and enjoy being able to take the entire library with me everywhere I go. Have a blessed day! 🙂

  9. Michael Samuel says

    Is there a utility for the Wordsearch that can read the Olive Tree bible software?

  10. As a long time customer of Quick verse and now Wordsearch, I really find this software practical and well made. In the near future I’m hoping to see more resources from a Charismatic point of view. For example: Jack Hayford’s Spirit Filled Life Study Bible, Bible Handbook and studies. Thank you

  11. Ian Deane says

    Will I be able to add all my quickverse resources to WordSearch desktop?

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