How WORDsearch Has Helped Me

Let me begin by stating that I completed an Undergrad Pastoral Ministry program 15 years ago in La Mirada, CA, and that I love to study the Word of God.  I became a pastor seven years ago with a congregation of 1,300 people who were hungry to learn how to apply the Bible to their lives. Recently, I planted a new church in Austin, Texas with only a family of four who started with us from the beginning that has grown to 50 people within two years.Fernando Anderson

I mention my past only to set the foundation of how the WORDsearch 10 software has helped me prepare and deliver God’s word.  I was blessed to get WS10 in September of 2012. The simplicity of the software allows me to prepare my sermon for each week and maintain my personal devotion and Bible study for myself in one centralized place.

There are many families who have been attending our Sunday morning services who were “Unchurched.” They did not know about Jesus, or had never attended a church service before, so they knew very little about the Bible. In particular, the Complete Biblical Library and the Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible have helped me give instruction on the passages we are going through each week in an in-depth and thorough delivery.

The Apostle Paul said, “Continue to give heed to reading, exhorting and teaching the Word of God.” – 1 Timothy 4:13

Thanks for letting God use you to help us lift Jesus up.

–     Pastor Fernando Anderson

Fernando Anderson is the Senior Pastor at Calvary Real Life Church in Austin, TX.  The church’s Facebook page can be found here.

Each week the WORDsearch blog will feature a testimonial from a user of our software. The main intent is to encourage and inspire others by sharing with the rest of the world just a few of the ways that God is using WORDsearch/QuickVerse to help share the Good News and ultimately, to help save lives.  If you would like to contribute your testimonial to our blog, please e-mail

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