“How I Use WORDsearch” – Customer Testimonial

image001I have had the privilege of ministering God’s Word for nearly 50 years. Like many fellow pastors I have often struggled with having enough time to get everything that seems to be screaming for my attention done. To be sure there were times I did not respond Biblically to those struggles, but received God’s forgiveness and continued to serve the Lord. As the Lord kept working with me by His grace, I came to realize that growing in my personal walk with Jesus Christ was more important than my administrative responsibilities, the spiritual care of God’s people, evangelistic outreach, and the ministry of His Word to His people.  That concept was reinforced by the ministry to missionaries in several countries that God developed over a period of time.

During those years, I was encouraged to learn to use the computer in my ministry, a project that I rather strongly resisted. After seeing the time-saving value of being able to find material in various books, make greater use of Greek and Hebrew, etc., I quickly saw the time saving value of the computer and the helpful software that was available. One of the greatest helps to me in my personal walk with Christ and the teaching of God’s Word has been the Bible study programs published by WORDsearch. I have used their software for several years and kept updating it as new versions became available.

I am now retired from a full time pastorate, but have the privilege of teaching God’s Word as the part-time pastor of a small church, plus two home Bible studies. That means teaching verse-by-verse through Judges, John, Galatians,and Hebrews. There is no way that I could do that without the software developed by WORDsearch. There have been times that I encountered problems with the software and had to call WORDsearch support (I am a novice in the use of a computer). They not only were a gracious and kind help to me, they treated me as a brother in Christ, and quickly solved my problem. The WORDsearch personnel I have dealt with have always been kind, considerate, helpful, and very understanding every time I contacted them.  I have found WORDsearch software easy to use and I can quickly find what I need to be Biblically accurate in teaching the Scriptures.  Doing so has enabled me to have the time to concentrate on my walk with Christ first so that I will be better equipped spiritually to study and teach the Scriptures to the people Christ died to conform to Himself.

-Bill Gustafson is a retired pastor in Rossville, Georgia. He is now a “Teaching Pastor” who mentors to a group of 25-30 people. 

Each week the WORDsearch blog will feature a testimonial from a user of our software. The main intent is to encourage and inspire others by sharing with the rest of the world just a few of the ways that God is using WORDsearch/QuickVerse to help share the Good News and ultimately, to help save lives.  If you would like to contribute your testimonial to our blog, please e-mail sales@wordsearchbible.com.



  1. Rev. Vince Hokkanen says

    You guys are great. I love your software and your app keeps getting better and better. Keep up the hard work. It would be nice to change the look of the app; (backgrounds, highlights, color of the shell options, etc.) Thanks guys!

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