“How I Use WORDsearch” – Customer Testimonial


My name is Eddie Baker, and I am a 61-year-old truck driver. I never did well in school, reading and studying was not easy for me. At 37 God changed my life and my desire, and also my ability to study. I did my best to be faithful to the call to read and study the Bible. But as in earlier years, study was still difficult. One day a thought came to me that a computer would help me with my poor spelling, studying and searching skills. I got a laptop and began to learn how to use it.

One day at a Lifeway bookstore in Tupelo, Mississippi a young sales clerk suggested Bible study programs might help me. I purchased WORDsearch 4 with his help. From there, I learned more about how to study. Adam Richardson, sales manager at WORDsearch, encouraged me to update to version 10, and I was off and running. Adam has become a source of great help, encouragements and a good friend.  Tech support is second to none, they have gotten me through every problem I have had, Praise the Lord!

That’s when God rocked my world. I started building a great library of dictionaries, concordances, commentaries  word studies, counseling aids and many other helpful items. My grandson says he is going to preach, and I think God is using me to collect a good library of resources that will be passed down to him, Lord willing.

Now I am involved five nights a week in an in-depth Bible study with many other wonderful truckers by conference phone calls, all at one time, sometimes covering 15 plus states as they drive. Some have even started their own library.

Using this library everyday, I went from feeling inferior Biblically, to being confident that with time, I could figure out most anything I wanted to know by using my WORDsearch material. Oh yes, I have a lot to learn, but I know I’m on the way. My involvement in my home church is so much richer and I’m even being more useful with my library. Sunday school for us has been invigorated using these resources right in class, too.

Christian salvation in others, fostering growth through discipline with others, and better understanding are my growing passions. Thanks be to God for my life now, and for all the help from His people at WORDsearch, I can’t describe the joy in my soul.

PS Thanks WORDsearch, for encouraging me to write my thoughts down. May God use them so that maybe another person felling inferior can have victory through study, even soar into the clouds of greater knowledge and understanding. To live far above those times of frustrations that might have been so debilitating in the past. Study, it is wroth all the effort. Amen!

Eddie is a Deacon at Doty Chapel Baptist Church in Shannon, Mississippi. He can be reached at eddiebaker329@gmail.com Find out more information about conference call Bible studies by visiting drivinbyGodsword.org, or 712-432-1085, pin #763876. Open roads fellowship is at 10 EST PM, to participate live call 213-417-9250, pin #268726. You can also listen to the recording anytime at 213-417-9299, pin #268726.

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