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qv_transparentYou may have wondered about the differences between QuickVerse 10 and previous versions of QuickVerse.  Is it better to get QuickVerse 10, WORDsearch 10, or stick with an older version of QuickVerse?  Hopefully this blog post can help inform your decision.

What is QuickVerse 10?

It’s QuickVerse…

QuickVerse 10 offers the best features of older versions of QuickVerse, including:

  • Your QuickVerse books – Although QuickVerse 10 books are in a new format under the hood, your library will migrate to the new platform.  (Depending on the version of QuickVerse you are upgrading from, this may require calling us to get your content registered.)
  • Scripture popups – Put your mouse over any Scripture reference to read the Bible text in a pop-up window.
  • Syncing – Bibles and Commentaries will stay in sync as you navigate to different verses.

It’s WORDsearch…

QuickVerse 10 also brings in many of the features of WORDsearch 10, including:

  • A larger library – QuickVerse 10 supports the entire WORDsearch library of over 5,000 study volumes from top Christian publishers.
  • Instant Verse Study – Tell QuickVerse 10 what Bible passage you are studying, and it will instantly assemble study material from your favorite Bible translations and reference tools.
  • The Cross-Reference Explorer – QuickVerse 10 can search your entire library and show you every place that a certain verse or topic is discussed.  This speeds up your research and lets you find things you might otherwise have missed.
  • A Built-In Word Processor – Build lessons and sermons by dragging in text from any Bible or book.  Now you can keep your own work within your QuickVerse library (and it becomes searchable), or export it to your favorite word processor.
  • The WORDsearch iPad App – When you upgrade to QuickVerse 10, the books you own will also show up for use in the free WORDsearch iPad app.

What’s missing in QuickVerse 10?

If you have been using a previous version of QuickVerse, there are some things you should know about:

  • QuickVerse 10 does not import your workbook data.  If you have filled out a workbook in older versions of QuickVerse, your content will not come over into QuickVerse 10.  The good news is that both QuickVerse 10 and WORDsearch 10 include improved workbook features.
  • QuickVerse 10 does not integrate with Microsoft Word’s “Smart Tag” functionality.  A similar feature is available with our ZipScript program, but ZipScript comes with WORDsearch 10 and not QuickVerse 10.
  • QuickVerse 10 for Mac is not a native Mac program.  Like WORDsearch 10 for Mac, it is Windows software running on a Mac, so it will look identical to the Windows version.

Should I get WORDsearch 10 instead?

All books that are available for QuickVerse 10 will also work in WORDsearch 10, so upgrading is easy.  Here are some features that are unique to WORDsearch 10, so if these are important to you, you may wish to consider WORDsearch 10:

  • Sermon and Illustration Manager – Write or paste an illustration or sermon into the organizer, give it a title, assign a key scripture to it, and apply multiple tags to it. Then you can do instant searches to find your illustrations or sermons and easily keep track of where and when each was used.
  • Morphology Explorer – Quickly search by lemma, lexeme, or parsing element.  Requires the Greek Morphology Bundle (see this note).
  • Turabian citations – Easily cite any passage as you would for an academic paper.
  • Search results graph – When you search within a Bible, click the WORDgraph tab to see  a graph of the results for additional insights.
  • Verse Explorer – Give WORDsearch 10 a Bible reference and let it sort through your dictionaries, encyclopedias, commentaries, word studies, and other resources for related information.
  • Carousels – Set up a few of your favorite books and flip between them quickly.
  • Verse List – Easily organize and outline a list of Bible verses.

Our website has more information about both QuickVerse 10 and WORDsearch 10, including video demos of each.

Both WORDsearch and QuickVerse now offer over 5,000 volumes of in-depth content to aid your Biblical study, devotional life, and to help you minister to others.  If you’d like to know about our best new content, please sign up for our email list (scroll down to the sign-up form on the right).  And if you have any questions about QuickVerse 10, feel free to post them in the comments.

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  1. Quickverse was the only software I had used so I was concerned when Word Search came along. It took a few days but once I began to understand how it worked I realized just how much better it was. I constantly find more ways to use it and it just continues to get better & better. Customer service is great. What more could you ask for??

    • Thanks for sharing your insights. I do have a few questions as I’m considering moving from QV10 to WS10 but am not sure what to expect in the transition or what I’ll gain by doing so. Were you on the QV10 version? Are all of your current QV books available now within WS? Any other tips you could offer to help me decide would be great.


  2. Hello,

    Which version of Microsoft Word do Wordsearch work with? I have Wordsearch 10, and Office 2010. How do I get them to play together like you say?

    Thank you for your time.


    • Hi Ron, could you give some more details about the problems you are having? It should work with Word 2010.

      • Ron, please do the following to get your WS10 connected with Microsoft Word 2010…..

        Within the WS10 Word Processor, you will type out the information you want to, copy/paste the items into the processor, etc. Whenever you are done composing it, you go to the top left side of the word processor and click FILE, SAVE THIS DOCUMENT.

        Once that document has been saved, open up Microsoft Word. In word, click on File, Open…. Under your DOCUMENTS folder, there should be another folder that is titled WORDsearch. Open that folder. From there, you should see the document(s) you have saved in your WS10 word processor and should be able to open them up to be converted over the MS Word.

  3. Pictures are genuinely nice source of teaching instead of content, its my experience, what would you say?

  4. Michelle Byrd says

    Go with Wordsearch! We have had four versions of Quickverse, one we returned! Wordsearch is so much better! Updates are fantastic, support as well, we have found QV to be quite the opposite! I do not like bad-mouthing QV, it was great when we first began using it, and prayerfully it will be improved with its’ link with WS.

  5. I have a number of Bible study software packages. In order of use Quickverse 2011 Plat., Word search 9, Logos 4, Greek and Hebrew tutor. My concern is that I have a number of STEP books from independant sources ex The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Thompson Chain Refernce (Wordsearch), MacArthur’s Commentary, Life Application commentary, LifeChanges Bible Study (WordSearch old lesson maker).
    Will ALL step docs get converted to Cross or just the WS and QV ones? I know Logos Tyndale OT &NT commentary will not but that is ok.

  6. Why not combine or merge QuickVerse and WORDsearch? Both have its pros and cons. Then call it QuickWord

  7. Reginald Gabel says

    I have qv2011 and was trying to load it on my new pc. It would not load. I got my old qv2009 to load. And qv2011 reloaded on my old pc fine. I paid several hundred for my qv2011 and now it looks like I will have to change to qv 10, more money. If I decide to purchase qv10 will it have all the books I had on qv2011Platinum or should I go with Logos. Need some info asap thanks

    • kcornett says

      Hi Reginald,
      I think your best bet is to call customer service and they will be able to help you out. The number is 800.888.9898 and they are open from 8am-8pm M-F and 10-5 on Saturday. Whenever you change programs, you will always have the same books. You will just have to call in to have them look at your account and unlock them for you. I hope this helps!


  8. Betty Copling says

    I downloaded microsoft enterprise 2007 to my computer and now my qv10 does not bootup, what is wrong

  9. I just upgraded my Mac to LION. Will the upgrade of 10, from 2007 version work with the LION operating system?

  10. How can I import quick verse materials that I have bought from E4 Group. They can be imported to my quickverse 2011.

    • Hi Joseph, the E4 Group books were produced by them as a third party in a format that we no longer can support. QV 2011 can import them because it can read that format (STEP), but now WS10 and QV10 only read the CROSS format books. Hope this helps!

      • Ed Marshall says

        Does that mean, I can purchase QV 2011 import my E4 QV 2009 books into it, and then upgrade to QV10 and they will migrate successfully?

        • kcornett says

          Hi Ed! Yes, they should migrate successfully! If you need additional help, please call our tech support at 1-888-854-8400.

  11. The old search program in QV 4 is better than any other QV program since that time. I have written and asked for that feature in 4 to be put into the later versions. My numerous requests have been ignored. Evidently their programmers are not bible students or teachers, or have any interest in making their search features better,
    I’m not the only one that asked for the change. When QV5,6, etc came out I asked about their search features, was misinformed, and consequently returned the newer versions after trying them out.
    Thankfully there was a link provided that allowed QV4 to be run on a 32 bit system, but it’s not available for 64. I ran QV4 on XP with the help of the link, but finally settled for QV10. It’s search program is better than some previous versions, but still not as good as QV4.

  12. I had zip script on my old pc I have a zip script disk but it will only work when I have the disk in my pc how do I fix it Reece Calloway my email solminrr@yahoo.com please help

  13. Letha Weaver says

    I had QV 10 and it was upgraded to wordsearch 10, but my computer crashed. Since it was a download, I now installed QV 2011, but do not have any of the upgrades. What should I do?

  14. Peter Landolt says

    I have updated my Quickverse 7 software in may 2014 (Order Confirmation 3574493) and I have recently reloaded my Windows XP system. I have been unable to obtain a service contact at Quickverse to be able to reload my Quickverse 10.

    Could you please provide an internet contact, download link as well as a new password.

    Thank you and God bless.

    Peter Landolt

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