Quick Tip – Finding a Book in Your Library


We’ve all been there. You download a book, can’t wait to read it, open WORDsearch and then…you can’t find it. Today’s Quick Tip will give you some information to help solve this problem and get to reading!

First, your library is located on the left hand side of your desktop in the Resource Panel.


If you do not see your Resource Panel, Click on View from the drop down menu in the upper left corner of your desktop.


Check-mark Resources Pinned to pin the Resource Panel to your Desktop.


Minimize the Favorites, Documents, Verse Lists, Community Documents and User Books Sections by clicking on the small down arrow on each section heading.


Then click on the Library section heading to open it.


Your library is now open.


Look above the Library to the Library Filter. This filter sorts through the titles and authors of your books.


Click inside the Filter and type in a word or two from the title or the author of the book you are looking for.


When you see it in the list, click on the book one time to open it on your desktop.



You may also be able to use abbreviations, such as KJV for the King James Bible or POSB for the Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible.


Another way to locate a book is by pressing the F9 key at the top of your keyboard. (You may also need to hold down the Function (Fn) key at the same time you press F9.

An Open Book window will pop up, which also has a filter for your library.


Type in part of the title or the author’s name to see the book appear in a list. Select the book, and click on the OK button to open.


The last way to find a book is by looking through the folders in your Library. Use the minus sign on the Library Section bar to view only the folder headings. Scroll down and click on a Folder, such as Word Studies, to see a list of your Word Study category books.


Hopefully, this post will help you navigate around your library.  What way do you use most often to find your books?


  1. I use the filter the most when I am looking for a book. I enter the title if I am looking for a specific book. I use the author if I want to see multiple books by the author.

  2. F9 is also on the File menu, called Open just in case you forget the F number.

    Note that none of the mentioned methods will find a book if it is part of a set. You can only use the set name in any of these methods. You can open the set and then the book you want can be found in the filter above the TOC (click the icon to turn it on if it is not displayed)

    You can look for the name of the book using Tools/My Library List but you cannot select from this view but it will tell you the set name. It is the part at the beginning before the hyphen.

    This tip must be really old. The Resource tab is the only one left, the other two are gone.


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