Quick Tip – Using Strong’s Numbers


First of all, what are Strong’s Numbers?

Strong’s Numbers were prepared by Dr. James Strong and a team of scholars for over 35 years. With the numbering system tied to a particular word in English, the average lay-person can easily study the meanings of the Greek and Hebrew words. First published in 1890, this tool is still used today by pastors, scholars and laymen alike for nearly a century. They have become the standard for identifying  words linked to the original Greek and Hebrew words.

One of the great features in WORDsearch is the ability to easily access Strong’s Numbers from an open King James Bible (KJV), Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) or New American Standard Bible (NASB). You also can hear the word pronounced. For the quick tip today, we will use the KJV.

NOTE: If you don’t have a King James Bible or Strong’s Concordance/Greek and Hebrew Dictionary in your library, they are both free downloads.

Today, let’s use Ephesians 2: 8-9 , “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:  Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

First, let’s go to the verse in the KJV.


Then, do a quick double click on a word.  Your Strong’s Talking Greek Hebrew Dictionary will open to the original word and definition.


To hear the word pronounced  click on the speaker icon or the word following the Phonetic Pronunciation.


If you right click on the Strong’s number itself, it will show an option to search based on the Strong’s number and not the English word. There is often a link to Vine’s. You can click on the Vine’s word to open that Vine’s article. (Vine’s must be a apart of your library to do this.)


Strong’s is synced to many other word study books in your library. You can open these by going to the Word Study folder in the Library and clicking once on the title to open it into the window.


You can place as many books as you like, and they will all sync to the same Strong’s number (except for a few books in the Word Study folder that sync verse-by-verse).


Another way to open Strong’s is to go to the Word Study folder in the library and selecting Strong’s Concordance.

strong open

Then, type in an English word in the white search box in the Strong’s window and press Enter.  After you do this, you will see a chart below with a list of transliterated Greek and Hebrew words with the corresponding Strong’s numbers.


Hover over a number to see the English words used for that number in the KJV.


Right click on the number to search the Bible for words used for that number.


Your results will appear in a new box.


Using Strong’s on WORDsearch is quick and easy.  How does using Strong’s help you in your preparation or study? 


  1. This is a great feature on the desktop version, but it seems to be missing in the iPhone/iPad versions. Is this a feature that might be added in the near future? Would be very useful.

    • Hi Ryan, currently you can download Strong’s on your iPad, but you can’t turn the Strong’s numbers on. This is a feature that is on the list for future development. Thanks so much!

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