Lifeway Introduces New WORDsearch Bible Brand, Launches WORDsearch Basic


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (MAY 1, 2013) Lifeway Christian Resources unveils a new logo for WORDsearch Bible Software, one of the first steps in an ongoing strategy to improve overall user experience. Users of WORDsearch Bible solutions will now discover a new look and feel to the website, as well as the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and blog pages.

As part of the redesign, the WORDsearch team has refined its logo to WORDsearch Bible, Powered by Lifeway, a move that more fully reflects WORDsearch’s access to Lifeway’s breadth of digital products and services, as well as that of other content partners.

“This new look will make interacting with WORDsearch a more cohesive and enjoyable experience through every channel,” said WORDsearch director, David Seibert.

In addition to the design changes on the WORDsearch site, the “New to Bible Software?” guide provides an introduction to capabilities and functions, including the multitude of free electronic books and other reference materials available.

Today, the company also released its new free suite of Bible study tools for users who are just getting started with Bible software, WORDsearch Basic.

“This is the long-overdue update of our very popular free software, Bible Explorer,” Seibert explained. “This is a key step toward a more cohesive brand presence for WORDsearch and our plans to roll out more technology updates, more exclusive content, and new tools to give WORDsearch users the best possible experience studying God’s word.”

WORDsearch Basic also allows users who want to add content and upgrade to the full-features of the WORDsearch 10 engine the ability to do so easily and seamlessly.

Lifeway Christian Resources acquired the WORDsearch and QuickVerse brands in 2011 as part of their global digital strategy to serve churches and individuals.

WORDsearch is a pioneer in Bible study software providing premium solutions since 1987 and is recognized as the leading Bible software “serving those who preach and teach to change lives.” WORDsearch offers a growing library of more than 6000 volumes of Bibles and books that make lesson and sermon preparation faster and Bible study easier and more enjoyable. QuickVerse is the retail brand for the WORDsearch family of Bible software products.


  1. Malachi says

    I was going to complain, as Bible Explorer 4 has disappeared! So I downloaded the new Wordsearch Basic with some annoyance. “This better be good!”
    Well, it is! I’ve been busy writing commentary. It’s much more conducive to work and study. I recommend to all the BE 4 diehards to try the now Wordsearch. It imported my whole library automatically.
    Alas, my bookmarks and notes did not import over, so I’ll have to copy and paste. I think that’s a minor thing compared to what Ive gained.

  2. BroJames says

    I like what you have done to the website along with the upgrading of Basic, however, I have been a WS user for a long, long time. What I would like very much is to once again be able to know if I already have a resource or not. We used to be able to log in from Help in WS and if one already owned a resource it was so identified. With over 1,000 resources sometimes it is hard to remember if you own a resource. What are the possibilities this could be restored?

    • kcornett says

      Hi James,
      Thanks for the comment! I have forwarded your suggestion to our web team to see what they can do. Thanks so much for your patience!

  3. Joey R Midgett says

    This is a great resource for your Bible study or sermon preparation. I have been using WordSearch for years now and it is hands down the best Bible software I have ever used. I have used Accordance and Logos and they are good too. But this software is much more user friendly and very powerful. Not to mention the resources are much much cheaper than that of either Logos or Accordance. Or you can just use the free resources that they provide and that alone is very powerful. If you ever wanted to deepen your study of God’s word, get this Bible software.

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