Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day from WORDsearch! In honor of some of the moms in our lives, some of our staff shared what they love about their mothers.

When parents have multiple children, they are often determined for their kids to know that they don’t choose favorites.  Well, as for my mom, she has always been persistent to claim me as her “favorite son.”  While this recognition is appreciated, it makes sense once realized that I only have an older sister.

Throughout my life though, she has always gone out of her way to laugh with me during the funny times, console me during the difficult times, celebrate with me during the happy times and support me in the times where I have needed encouragement. But most of all, she has made sure that her children know that they are regularly being prayed for.

Break it all down, and what else could I really ask for? So, on this special weekend for all the mothers out there, just know that while it may not be expressed as often as it should, your work is greatly appreciated.

And as a final personal message to my own – – you’re my favorite mother!

-Austin Bush


My favorite thing about my mom is that she put up with me. As a kid and teenager, I was the biggest brat. We would fight and fight, and everyone said it was because we were “so alike.” Now that I am older and out on my own, I understand how much she loved me, and how it is not a bad thing that we are so alike. I’m so grateful that she loved me enough to stick by me and be an example of the Lord’s love never giving up on anyone.

 -Katie Cornett 

Mom and Grandkids

With Sunday being Mother’s Day, I have been reflecting on what an awesome Mom I have and hope that I have been and continue to be half as a good Mom as she has been to me and my two sisters. My Mom, Kathleen Cochran, has always been the loving, Christian woman that God has called her to be. She set the best example in her home life, work environment and friendships. She is full of integrity and high expectations which have been passed to her three daughters. I aspire to be the Mom that she has been to me even as I have a family of my own she has always been supportive, joyful and such a rock. Happy Mother’s Day!

-Kelli Kelly


My mom’s always been my biggest supporter. She encouraged me to do things that pushed me out of my shell when I was younger; from playing hockey, joining youth group, the high-school band and countless other activities that ultimately had a big part in shaping who I am today.

-Marvin Smith


It wasn’t until I became a parent myself that I realized all that my mom sacrificed for me to have a better life than I had.  I am so grateful to her everyday for how she prepared me for the challenges that I’d face in life, and for helping me be the husband and father I am today.

-Mike Cooper

What do you love about your mother? 

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