We Are All Born Into This World With Handicaps

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I would like to start by saying that God has been really good to me and my family. What I am about to tell you is not from me, but from God. I hope that you understand the message that God wanted me to tell you.

We all were born into this world with handicaps. Some are more serious than others. Some we can see and others we can’t see. For those who do not know me, I was born with cerebral palsy, which means that when I was born, I did not breathe for several minutes. So this is the first miracle in my life – – God let me live. I began to breathe on my own, but some people wonder why God could let things like this happen. I do not know for a fact, but I think God has shown me a lot in His own way.

I was born in this world with four severe handicaps — one of these is very obvious — it is my cerebral palsy. I could write a book about all the miracles that have happened in my life, but I will highlight the ones that  have helped me to grow. My second handicap is I cannot read that well, and my third handicap is I can not spell that well either. But in Mark 10:26-28, it says that all things are possible with God. As you can probably imagine, growing up with these handicaps was very difficult. I have had seven major operations on me, so really that is seven more miracles in my life. The year I graduated from high school, I could not read or write, but I had a high school diploma. I do not know how I received it, but it was another miracle from God!

After high school I tried to go to college, but it was very different from high school. I stayed in for a month but then had to quit. I ended up working in food service for almost two years. All this time, I prayed to God to help me with reading and writing. One day, I was putting up the food stock — they came in big boxes — and my boss came to me ask me why I put the peaches with the peas. I was very embarrassed about that, and it really hurt me a lot so I prayed to God for help. My body was wearing down from all the work I was doing, and a doctor recommended that I quit my job.

Soon after, I purchased a computer. On it, I mostly played games because I still could not read or write. One day, someone told me about a place called the Downtown Center. It was for people who had trouble reading and spelling, and was targeted for those wanting to get their GED. So I went, and they started helping me to read and write better. One day I was down there, and one of their computers was messing up, so a teacher asked me if I could help. At the time I did not know a lot about computers but I said that I would try to fix it. I really don’t know how, but I did fix it. After that, the teacher would have me working on the computer and setting them up for other students every day. After about six months went by, I was learning to read, write and work with computers. A teacher asked me why I did not sign up for some computer classes at the college. I explained the situation to her, and then she told me that they had tutors that would help me. So this time, I prayed to God for help. I started by taking a test to see what I needed more work on. I went on to get my degree in business computer programming from the college, but I still had a small problem. I still had trouble reading and spelling.

You will probably wonder how I got my college degree. They would read me my books and when I took my test I would tell them what to write down for me. It was just another miracle from God! I kept praying for help, and God finally answered my prayers by showing me two programs for my computer – – one that would read to me, and the other one would type down what I said into the microphone. Since God gave me these tools to work with computers, there is nothing I can’t do on a computer now with time. For my own life, God has three answers to prayers – – yes, no and wait. The one I dislike, and you probably do to, is to wait. But we have to remember that God is never late.

There are several stories in the Bible where God lets bad things happen to good people. We just have to trust in God because He knows what is best for us. I think back to the day I was born and wonder what if I had been born normal.  One thing kept coming up – – would I know God? If you stop and think about it, when do we talk to God the most? To be honest, we talk to him when we need help, or when we are confused or in danger.

You all are probably wondering what the fourth handicap in my life has to do with you all. For me, this is the handicap that we all are born with, and it is the worst handicap. To go through life with the fourth handicap is that we all were born into sin. This is the worst handicap of them all, yet it is also the easiest to overcome. All you have to do is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and ask him to come into your life. I will tell you, after truly believing this, it will make things a lot easier in your life. Just be patient, read your Bible and pray to God. No matter what handicap you are born with, or if you are given a handicap later on in life, God will help you through anything! I will pray for you all and please pray for me and my family.

I hope this is a blessing for those who know God. For the ones that do not know God, I hope this is helpful in that you may come to know God. What handicaps are in your lives?

 –Nathan Wilson is a WORDsearch customer. 

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