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DivineFore4ViewsEach week the blog will feature a favorite book of a staff member that’s available on WORDsearch.

What does God know, and how does He know it? In what way is God sovereign? Are the wills of God and Man compatible? If so, how are they compatible? Christians have long pondered over these questions for good reason… they are central to the very understanding of the Gospel.

What I most enjoy about working at WORDsearch is that I am constantly exposed to the best Christian works and am privileged to help make them available in digital format to preachers, teachers, scholars and laymen alike. Recently, one such work has attracted my attention, Divine Foreknowledge: Four Views (Edited By: James K. Beilby, Paul R. Eddy).

This book presents four major views on divine foreknowledge, each defended by top Bible scholars. Positive cases for each view are made with Scripture and philosophical arguments by each proponent. In addition, each proponent responds to each opposing view.  A nice feature in WORDseach’s digital copy is the ability to hover over glossary terms in the text and instantly see the definition, which makes for easy reference.

The sheer level of scholarship in this book is enough to make a person’s head spin! And this is what I most appreciate about it. It is clear evidence that Christians have taken seriously God’s foreknowledge and have sought to explain it in the most biblical and consistent way possible. Although I can find and hold one view of God’s foreknowledge veracious, I recognize the limit of human understanding and look forward to the day all God’s elect will see and know clearly (1 Cor. 13:12).  I truly appreciate the healthy dialogue between Christian brothers in this book and would recommend it to anyone who has contemplated God’s foreknowledge and will.

I humbly postulate that God is sovereign in all things (Dan 4:35), that he has determined all things (Isa 46:10) and that I need Him for everything (Rom 9:16, Jn 15:5). I thank Him for positioning me at a such a great place as WORDsearch.

AJ Maese is an eBook Developer at WORDsearch. His interests include Bible study, good music, cool friends, fast cars and Mexican food.

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