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As a somewhat introspective person I often encounter mental barriers when I come to the intersection of my personal faith and science. More specifically the human sciences. By the title alone I was pretty sure I’d find something in Psychology & Christianity that I might find useful, or interesting nonetheless. I was right on both counts!

Author David G. Meyers summed up my internal struggle and the questions I ask myself perfectly in the first chapter, “So, those of us in psychological science are sometimes asked, how do you reconcile your commitment to psychological science with your commitment to the Christian Faith? (1) How do they fit together? (2) Are they mutually supportive? (3) Are there points of tension?”

With that, I dove in. The quest for better understanding had begun!

Psychology & Christianity begins with a short history of notable Christians from the field of psychology, as well as some from other related disciplines. The real meat of the book, however, is contained in the five different views presented, which are: the Levels-of-Explanation View, the Integration View, the Christian Psychology View, the Transformational Psychology View, and finally, the Biblical Counseling View.

While the five views tend to differ greatly from one another, I found myself really identifying with each view initially, but once I got further into the details, I realized that there were only certain aspects of that view that I identified with. In the end, I set about going back through the book and cherry picking ideas from each to come away with my own hybrid viewpoint that gels well with my personal sensibilities. And I suppose that’s what this book was meant to do.

If, like me, you’re constantly finding yourself at the intersection of faith, science and your own personal psychology, then it’s a good bet you’ll walk away with something new to ponder after reading Psychology & Christianity. I know I did.

marv-momMarvin Smith is an eBook Developer at WORDsearch. In his spare time he’s an aspiring pilot, who hopes to one day serve by flying with Angel Flight helping those in need around the country. When his head isn’t in the clouds, he’s thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the WORDsearch mission to help those that preach and teach to change lives!

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