A Customer Testimonial – Pastor Tyrone Hayes Sr.

When I first was called into the ministry, my understanding of the Bible was very limited. I was blessed to have a good Sunday school teacher who gave me a good foundation of the Bible. I was also blessed to have a good pastor who knew the word of God. The Lord was still dealing with me because I was hungry to have a closer walk with the Lord, and today I still have this hunger for walking and knowing the word of God. I tell my congregation that there are not enough hours in the day for studying the word of God. I was blessed again when the Lord directed me to another excellent Bible scholar by the name of Pastor Bill; a friend and a brother. God has been good to me.

The Lord keeps opening doors and I was blessed one night, and as I was searching through the internet, I came across WORDsearch. WORDsearch has also been a blessing in my ministry when it comes to researching the word of God. It is great when you can talk to a group of Christian brothers at WORDsearch, one in particular being Rev. Fern, as he often calls himself. Not only is Brother Fern a blessing, but the entire staff at WORDsearch is a blessing.   They are a blessing when helping you to choose the right studies to add on to what you already have in your library, but they also share their testimonies. I thank God for the staff. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, God has blessed me to have good people in my life as I walk this Christian journey.  And I thank God for Brother Fern and the entire staff at WORDsearch.

God bless and heaven smile upon you.


Pastor Tyrone Hayes Sr. Pastor-Teacher

New Mount Zion Baptist Church

Philadelphia, Pa.


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