Information on the iPad Update – A Note from WORDsearch Director David Seibert

new_ipad_iphone_appLast week we released a major upgrade on our iPad app that has turned out to be a very difficult experience for many of our customers.  We truly believed it was ready to go, but after release, we discovered some major flaws.  I apologize for the trouble you have had, and you have my assurance we will do everything we can to correct the issues.

Our team has been working hard to fix the many issues that you are having, and we will be releasing an update and subsequent updates to repair these issues in the near future.  Some of the issues that are being repaired are:

  • The app crashes upon trying to launch and load books
  • The copy/paste feature
  • The bug related to the default Bible setting
  • The bug related to syncing panes

In the upcoming update of the app, you will also see a few new features to help your experience.

  • Added “Recently Read” category-You will be able to quickly navigate back to the books you most recently read.
  • Added “Downloaded” category-You will be able to filter your results to show only the books you have downloaded on your iPad.

I want to address the bug issue of losing your notes and annotations. I know that this was very disappointing. However, we are actively working towards retrieving your notes and annotations. We have safely backed up your notes and annotations and are working hard to update them so they will become available in the new app.  I will keep you updated to the progress of this issue.

I have heard from you, our customers, the disappointment in the new iPad app and I take each one to heart.  I hear you, and going forward, I pledge to deliver excellence in everything we release. I thank you for your understanding and forgiveness. We have many wonderful things planned in the near future designed to serve you and your ministry, and this has been a humbling reminder to me and our team that our ministry is to serve you.

Your Friend in Christ,

David Seibert


  1. James L. Wallace says

    Will the IPad app ever be able to show my personal notes?

    • kcornett says

      Hi James! We are working on getting your old notes back up ASAP, so sorry for the inconvenience. If you make a new note, you should be able to see a little Note icon where you put the note, and if you tap that, you will see the note you created. Hope this helps!

  2. James Anson says

    Hello David

    I appreciate your honest confession – rarely seen in the realm of software development. It has been disappointing for many of us who are now using Wordsearch on the ipad probably more regularly than our desktop version because of ease of access and mobility.

    For me the main issues I’ve had (I dont use the notes facility) have been opening the App to where I was previously located last time I was in the app. There did not seem to be anyway but to try and remember what books I had open and re-open them from the library opening screen every time i accessed the app. This was a major annoyance to me to the point that I stopped using the app altogether and went back to Olive tree.

    The cut and paste issue

    The fact I had been accessing books that I had in previous version were no longer available to me in the new version – this is a major no – no in software development. You should always at least have same access to same materials from previous updates. In my case I had been in the middle of a serious study using certain books that were no longer available.

    Thanks for the apology and I look forward to these issues being resolved.

    God bless

  3. Steve Riley says

    Thank you for the update. Look forward to the updates.

  4. I have been using your Bible software on my computer for years and I have always loved it. I have spent quite a bit of money on books and have recommended it to my friends. When I saw that there was an iPad app I was so excited, but I have become terribly disappointed.

    I can tell by your letter here that you have had a lot of complaints and are trying to address it. I don’t want to add to your stress, but I thought that, since you are changing thins anyway, I would use this as an opportunity to tell you what I would like to see.

    The one thing I would like most of all is for it to automatically open to the same books and pages it was on when you left. I don’t always remember where I left off reading or what commentary I was using. I tried bookmarking it but don’t seem to have access to the book marks.

    The other thing that’s most important is to be able to hide from your list the books that aren’t on your device. I have hundreds of books on my computer but I only want a few available on the iPad. If I could go directly to them every time and have a steppe rate page or something to access the other books, that would be great.

    And yeah, being able to see my notes and bookmarks would be helpful. It would even be more awesome if I could somehow synch it up with the stuff I have on my computer.

    I eagerly await the updated version, but in the meantime I have removed the program from my device to make space for one that is more compatable to my needs. So, I hope you are going to send out an email or something to,let people know when you’ve gotten all the bugs worked out.

    I appreciate the work it takes to make these computer programs and I hope I haven’t been to negative. God bless you and thanks

    • kcornett says

      Thanks so much for your patience, Shannon. I will pass on your suggestions to the developers. So sorry for your issues, and yes I will make sure you know when the bugs are worked out! Katie

  5. Shirley Johnson says

    Please hurry and fix the sync, copy and paste and other features. I really do not like the way it opens or the difficulty in searching for books, Bibles, etc. What is the dictionary screen that shows up on the right hand side of the screen when you are trying to read pages in a book. I do not know what was broke that you thought the app needed to be changed but I am praying that an immediate solution will come soon.

    • Hi Shirley, thanks so much for your patience! We are working hard to get the app fixed ASAP. Hope you have a great day.

  6. I’ve removed the app, simply intolerable at its current status and a waste of time. Please notify when it’s usable and efficient. So grateful we made the decision to go with Logos earlier this year. Wondered if it was an unnecessary choice at the time, but it has proven to be a wise decision, even more so with this recent problem.

    • Sorry about the app, Mike. We really thought the app was ready to go, but found all the flaws once it was released. We are working hard to get it fixed as soon as we can. Thanks so much for your patience with us.

  7. Charles W Cornett says

    I cannot open Wordsearch on any of my divides, the IPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. I do not have any access to any of my books on any of my devices.

    For the first couple of days I could then it all quit.

    While I could open the iPad the first couple of days I noticed that all the books were listed separately, even though were commenrary’s with 30 or more books. Now the library is so cluttered with the large volume of books that I cannot hardly get to the ones I want. On the old app it was much better. There was only one name listed for the commentary and then when you clicked on that name of the commentary a window opened that listed all the books in that commentary and you could then choose the book you want to read and click on that volume and read. Then the library was not cluttered with each individual book separately. This made the library much easier to navigate as only the name of the commentary was listed and not every book in a commentary listed separately in the main library. You did it this way in the old app, and you need to do the same on this new app!!

    Charles W. Cornett
    Phone: 316-691-9662

    • kcornett says

      Thanks for the suggestion, Charles! I will pass along to the developers. Thanks so much for your patience!

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