Staff Pick – Daily Disciples Bible Study Series

IMAG0137.jpg pic3Each week the blog will feature a favorite book of a staff member that’s available on WORDsearch.

My favorite collection that we offer is the Daily Disciples Bible Study Series.  I was actually first referred to this series by one of my customers last year, and I now use this program for my Bible study and have enjoyed its content greatly.  This series does a good job of providing unique perspectives, displaying meaningful devotionals as well as asking some discussion questions that really work well for a group setting.

I have been involved in working with Christian software for about 14 years now; I started working with QuickVerse in 1999.  I have been with WORDsearch customer service/sales now for almost two years and have enjoyed being a part of all the changes in the programs and meeting the people that work so hard to make software that we are so proud of.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of talking to so many of my customers that I have known for years and they have inspired me in serving God with helping them to spread the word and make their Bible study more productive and satisfying. I enjoy working with the WORDsearch program because it has helped me really understand the meaning of the Word, and helped me with my Bible study.  And I want to thank all of my customers that have called me throughout the years just to pray with me.

I am very thankful for God and all he has done in helping me enjoy my children and be a part of their lives and God’s plans for them in spreading the Word of the Lord.

Deb Thiemann works in Sales/Customer Service at WORDsearch.

Download the Daily Disciples Bible Study Series, on sale for one week from $144.55 to $99.95 here.

Have you read a book that has inspired you lately? Let us know!


  1. Arnold Graf says

    As I remember, she and I had many of conversations (say dickering) way back when Deb started in Quick Verse. She was a hard salesman, but a wonderfully pleasant person every time we talked. I can’t believe we meet again WordSearch. I miss our talks (say dickering again). It was good to see her face and connect her to the fine voice she has.

  2. Arnold Graf says

    They told me I said it twice. Maybe it should be said twice!

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