Progress Update on WORDsearch iPad App

IPadPhoneDear WORDsearch Friend,

About a week ago I wrote you about the troubles we discovered within the new WORDsearchiPad app. I promised to keep you updated on our progress and that is why I’m writing you today.

Our technical team is carefully addressing one issue at a time, strengthening the app and eliminating the issues that sometimes cause problems.The items currently being repaired are:

  • The app crashes upon trying to launch and load books
  • The bug related to the default Bible setting
  • The bug related to syncing panes

We are not yet at the point where we can deliver a new update with all the fixes that need to be in place, but we are making good progress. We are also working on additional fixes and new options to make your experience better in the days ahead, including the ability to copy content from your WORDsearch titles.

Within the next 10 days, I will contact you again by email with more detailed specifics regarding our solutions and when those solutions can be expected.

In the mean time, you can get the most up-to-date information on the WORDsearch app by visiting the WORDsearch blog, or subscribing to the blog and receiving it instantly by email. You can do this by entering your email address at the bottom of our blog page.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. I will be updating you again soon.

Your friend in Christ,

David Seibert
3006 Longhorn Blvd #110
Austin, TX 78758


  1. Thank you for the update. I cannot even open my WS app on my iPad, it crashes just opening the App – I really miss my WS – I used it all the time … Can’t wait for the new update to fix it.

    God bless

    • kcornett says

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Belinda, and thanks for being so patient!

      • Praise The Lord! I have my WS back – I deleted the app and reinstalled it – to God’s glory it worked! My WS does not crash when I open it – I have my favorite app back! Thank you WS

    • Andrew nintemann says

      Mine crashed when I opened it so I deleted it and redownloaded it. That solved the crashes when opening the program. I didn’t load all my books but just a few. Just some bible study on the go. Hope this helps.

    • Melinda, I have been able to open it by going to the App Store, searching for Wordsearch Bible, and hitting “open” there. So, you might try that until they get this fixed.

  2. Thom Mullins says

    Any possibility of providing additional input on issues or suggestions? I am really quite frustrated that the new app no longer carries some books and that I have lost access to some items I was in the middle of reading.

    • kcornett says

      Hi Thom, I understand your frustration! I’m so sorry about your lost books. The missing books is one of the issues we are working to get fixed. We will have some more information next week. Thanks so much for you patience.

  3. Cyprian Orakpo says

    I can’t even find my wordsearch icon in my iPad. Tried searching for the app in the apple store so as to download it again and can’t find it anymore. Kindly advise further

    • kcornett says

      Hi Cyprian, if you search for WORDsearch Bible in the app store, it should be one of the first ones that shows up. Here is a link you can try to open from your iPad to download Did you download and you can’t find on your iPad? If you find the app in the App Store, and it says it is already downloaded, let me know and I will try to help you find it.

  4. I wish some one would activate the old program until all the bugs can be worked out of this one, the old version was great and if I had known all the problems with this new version I would have never updated !!! The old version was great and I used it all the time with preparing the word for Sunday church…the new version will not let anyone cut and paste which is a great loss for all of us !!! Please help us get back to where we were before the change :{

    • kcornett says

      So sorry for the inconvenience, Harold! Thanks so much for your suggestion…and your patience as we try to work to fix some of the issues as soon as possible!

  5. Ray Zoller says

    I hope you fix the app so that you can choose a bible and a commentary, set up the split window and then have it appear that way the next time you open the app. Too much trouble to set this up every time I open the app.

  6. Rev. Harold Raines says

    I do not know what is the problem with putting the old Ipad old version until the new one gets all the bugs out….We could use the old version and then upgrade when the new one is completed !!! The curent version is no help at all with preaching or cut and paste to a notes program for teaching !!! Please hear our cries and help:{

    • kcornett says

      Hi Harold, don’t worry, we hear you! We are working as hard as we can, and apologize again for the app issues. Thanks so much for your patience!

  7. Hi,

    I am finding it difficult to open Wordsearch on my Ipad. It crashes all the time. Missing the app very much. Most of my study happens on the app. Kindly resolve the issue.

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