Staff Pick – God’s Word for Students

IMG_8223Each week the blog will feature a favorite book of a staff member that’s available on WORDsearch.

My favorite book that I keep returning to in my WORDsearch library is God’s Word for Students by Wayne Rice. Though at first glance this book may not look like much and that it is something for children, I have found practical and Scriptural advice from it daily. Because it is written for students, there is no jargon that you have to wade through, so it delivers a message that is easy to understand and to remember. This devotional always provokes thought in me and makes me want to apply it to my life. I believe that anyone of any age can see the good wisdom in this book and find a way to apply it in your life.  So before you judge a book by its cover, take it from me that sometimes it the small things in life that pack the most wisdom.

God’s Word for Students was developed by leading youth ministry professionals from around the world to help you pass the tests you face in life every day. It is a great resource for personal Bible study on nearly every subject imaginable. God’s Word is a living book — alive with new insights that God wants you to discover and apply to your life right now. If you open your heart and mind to what God has to say to you, the Holy Spirit will reveal God’s Word in a fresh, new way. You’ll be amazed by what you read—you’ll also be encouraged, empowered, and filled with hope.

Desiree Schreiner is in the Sales/Customer Service department at WORDsearch. She enjoys her cats, the outdoors and traveling with her husband. One day she hopes to travel abroad in Europe and Canada to hike where few have traveled. 

Download God’s Word for Students, on sale for one week from $29.95 to $9.95 here.

Have you read a book that has inspired you lately? Let us know!


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