Quick Tips – How to Update Your iPad App


Step 1
If your WORDsearch app has not been updated yet, you will see a notification (indicated by a red 1) in the corner of your App Store icon on your home screen.


Step 2

Tap the App Store icon, and you will be taken to an Updates screen. If you are not, tap the Updates icon in the bottom right of the App Store.


Step 3

Next to the WORDsearch Bible app icon, tap the UPDATE button. If you have other apps that need to be updated, you will see those listed, as well. Simply tap UPDATE ALL to update all of your apps, including WORDsearch. Please note: If you choose to update all apps, you might experience a longer wait time.


Depending on your settings, you may be asked to log in to your Apple account to authorize the update. You will not be charged for updating the WORDsearch app, and, upon entering your information, you will be returned to your home screen as the app installs.


 If you’ve never downloaded WORDsearch Bible for your iPad, iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S and 5) or iPod Touch, simply search WORDsearch Bible in the App Store and tap on the download button.


  1. Dear friends,

    With the new “Blue” app, I do not understand why the files are so big compared to the “green” app. The new ones are gigantic. I only loaded a couple of books and it took up as much space as around 10 in the green app.

    Any ideas why? The apps look similar.

    Dr. Tom Cucuzza

    • Hi Tom, the apps are made differently and use different file types, so that is why the books are different sizes.

  2. Steve Low says

    Wordsearch bible Ipad app is such a wonderful bible software. However, the lack of a Chinese bible can be used by the software is really disappointing.

    • Hi Steve, thanks for the kind words! I will let our acquisitions team know about your suggestion for a Chinese Bible!

  3. gmorscher says

    Are you guys going to come up with an Android app as well?

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