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For years and years, I’ve been trying to successfully read through the entire Bible. I’ll invariably get bogged down somewhere in Leviticus or somewhere in the minor prophets, if I’m lucky to make it that far. Around the beginning of this year though, I decided to take a good look at one of the books we were having a promotion on: The 365-Day Devotional Commentary by Lawrence Richards.

This isn’t your typical daily reading plan that just gives you several chapters to read per day and then leaves you on your own. Each day’s offering has its own theme, key verse and concise, easy-to-understand commentary. There’s also a daily devotional related to the passage, practical application and a quote that helps add to what you learned. Even some of those harder passages that I’ve normally glossed over before have become richer through this study, and I’ve learned many things I didn’t know before.

For anyone with a busy schedule, this is a great way to spend time in God’s word and gain additional insight about what He’s trying to communicate to you. There’s also no pressure to keep up with the dates, so if you miss a day here or there, that’s no problem. It’s there waiting for you in the program whenever you get back to it.

Mike Giles works in sales/customer service for WORDsearch, and has been there for almost a year and a half.  He is married to his college sweetheart and has two wonderful children. He is very active at New Hope First Baptist Church in Cedar Park, TX. He also enjoys writing children’s books and loves everything regarding his alma mater, Baylor University.

Check out a nice discount on The 365-Day Devotional Commentary here.

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  1. […] Have you read a book that has inspired you lately? Let us know! […]

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