Latest iOS Update


We are excited to let you know about the latest round of improvements available for WORDsearch’s new iPad app (the one with the blue logo). A new update is now available in the App Store, so all you have to do is look in your App Store – Updates and when you see the WORDsearch icon, touch update.

IPadPhoneBSome of the improvements in this update include:

  • A smoother log-in experience.  Instead of asking for both Lifeway and WORDsearch IDs, all you will need is your WORDsearch email address and password associated with your online account to sign-in.
  • A multi-step tutorial the first time you start the app. The tutorial will explain how to use some of the features, and can be accessed at anytime on the menu screen if you need to review it again.
  • Improved book loading speed. All your available books should now sync into your app within just a minute or two.
  • Much greater overall performance. Many of the lags and/or freezes in the app have been fixed so it can operate much faster when scrolling, switching categories, opening books, etc.
  • New “Stop Download” feature. If you accidentally click on a book you didn’t intend to download, you can click the book again, and it will bring up a pop-up window to ask if you want to cancel the download.
  • More books. Many more book titles are now available. 4,500 titles are now in the app, with a small amount still being worked on to be included.
  • Easier reading. The pop-up window text size is now the same as the default text size.

Even better news? We aren’t stopping here—you can expect even more updates and improvements soon. Thank you for continued loyalty and support as we continue to work on the app. Watch for further release updates in the future.


  1. Pastor Carmen Mills says

    and what about android?

    • Hi Carmen, our testing is finished, and at this point, the developers are just doing their final fixes before the app launches to the public. Thanks so much for your patience.

  2. nitram dirpaul says

    still waiting for the android app

    • Hi Nitram, thanks so much for your patience. We will hopefully have some news about the Android app soon. Thank you!

  3. The latest update crashes about 20 seconds into the syncing process.

    • Hi Louie, are you still seeing this error? Sometimes when you first load the app you have to let it sit for a minute to load. How big is your library and what device are you using?

  4. Joseph Fenech Laudi says

    When will the Android version be released? It seems to be long overdue!

    • Hi Joseph, our testing is finished, and at this point, the developers are just doing their final fixes before the app launches to the public. Thanks so much for your patience.

  5. When will the enhancements to WORDsearch 10 desktop software come?

  6. Dear Wordsearch Team: All of us are quite desirous of the updates and program enhancements that you are working on. I am ( and I may be speaking for some) quite thankful that we have you as a team of specialists ( programmers, scanners, editors, etc) that have taken on this monumental task of serving us and all of our various os platforms. No small matter, and our prayers are for your continued diligence, perseverance, and success in all that you do. I have had nothing but stellar support and technical service that cannot be compared elsewhere. THANK YOU ALL ! pw

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