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cam_062312Each week the blog will feature a favorite book of a staff member that’s available on WORDsearch.

Words have always been important to me, so all too often I get exasperated by the cliches and the jargon that dominate much of our thoughts and conversation. Of course, both cliches and jargon are necessary and have their place, but when used thoughtlessly, the words used to form them often lose substance. After a while, I find myself forgetting the power and significance behind certain catch phrases and words… which is kind of problematic when those phrases involve words like faithgrace and God.

Being in an industry that deals with so many books,I find it rewarding to be in the company of writers and thinkers who put a great deal of thought and value into their words. More than mere articulation, there’s something true and beautiful when good writing is married to a sincere adoration of God. And so it’s with these thoughts that I am grateful for the opportunity to recommend Daily Prayers by F.B. Meyer!

“You who were meek and lowly in heart, may I be genuinely humble with the humility which does not realize that it is humble.” – February 19

His words are such humble words.  Not only is he an excellent writer in terms of aesthetics, but he also presents the lofty nature of God in  short prayers that gently leads the reader to quiet reflection and observation. These prayers have the similar repentant, reverent quality of the Psalms and have a level of intimacy that’s universally relatable. These thoughts have challenged the proud, stressed and joy-less sides of me, and they’ve also been encouraging reminders of His beauty and divinity.

Also, a really useful feature of this book is that that each prayer is synced to the days of the calendar year. They’re really useful primers to complement quiet mornings and devotions! Or they can even be something to think about and pray for throughout the rest of the day. In a time when we have to process so much text and information on a daily basis, I think that’s especially precious.

Becki Lee is an e-book developer at WORDsearch who serves at a college ministry at a local church in Austin, Texas. She’s a Michigan Wolverine who enjoys the arts, speaks Spanish as a second language and sports trendy hipster glasses. 

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