1. Glad to see this update.

  2. Bill Shewmaker says

    Thank you very much. I especially appreciate the automatic books updates.

  3. Thank you for these great updates, especially the ability to update our resources automatically. I have been looking forward to this. Today it was like “watching grass grow” with all my resources that needed updating, over 450. While I watched I found I had resources I did not know I had and that was exciting. I haven’t found a way to create a *total number* of resources. I know I can copy to Excel, but it would be great to get that total on the Manage Library page.
    Oh, perhaps this requires a great big THANK YOU, for a FREE update. Haven’t seen that in Wordsearch forever. Thank you so much.

  4. I am just going through the updates and it appears as if I am reloading all the books in my library. The worst thing about this update is the loss of the” library contents report”, which allowed me to see a summary of how many books are in my library and how many volumes. Then I had the option to see all the authors listed with their books in alphabetical order or just the books in alphabetical order. It was a great way of instantly knowing who I have in my library and how many books by them and which ones I own.
    It has been replaced by “My Library List” which is a new feature to WORDsearch. If you would like to see if the books you own are available on our iOS, Android or MyStudyBible apps, you can view your Library List. Please note that we are working diligently to make all of your books available across all platforms”. This does nothing for me. “Library Contents Report” did a lot for me. And I am sure I am not alone. I only hope I am wrong…………..

  5. One last thing I forgot to mention that I am sure I will find many good things that have happened with the WS10 update, I just noticed the loss of the “Library Contents Report” first because I use it a lot and was disappointed to see it go, (I remember the words to a Christian song saying “disappointment, His appointment”. I am looking forward to many years with Wordsearch and am trying to get others I know on board. This is a great resource for spiritual enrichment. Thank you

  6. I am sorry to see the Library contents report is no longer available. I used it a lot. As I understand it you are updating our books for spelling errors etc. and when an update comes along from the author of the book. The word definition window sounds ok but I thought we already had a carousel for that, though I may be wrong. The carousel feature is a real good one. Thanks for where they are located. I am looking forward to the my library list tab and learning to use it. I don’t have a I-pad, or I phone or android tablet, just a laptop. So I am not sure what I can do with the library list but will find out. Same with the Morph explorer but am having fun learning. thank you for Wordsearch 10 which I consider the best Bible study software program available.

    • Hi David, sorry to hear that you are having issues with this update. The Library Contents has been replaced with the My Library List to make the list more comprehensive, especially for our increasing number of users who are buying books for their devices, like iPad, so it helps them see which books are available where. You will also receive book updates automatically, so you won’t have to manually find the books you would like to update. The Word Definition window is meant to make finding a definition easier, but if you would like to keep using the carousel, no problem! Just so you know, if you start in the Word Definition window, click Open a New Book, it will open the book in a new book window, so you will be able to use your carousel from there. Hope this helps!!

  7. Thanks for the response. As I recall I had 981 volumes with 454 books, now my numbers are less and I am not sure if it is what I did or just how they are being counted after the update. You see after I realized the Library Contents Report was no longer available I started to think about the advantages of the update vs having the Library Contents Report and I decided I would rather have the LCR than the update. And I could always choose to update a book manually and I don’t have a Mac, I-Pad, I-Phone or any devices, (just a laptop PC), so I went to the My Computer and started to uninstall the Wordsearch 10 thinking it would revert to the prior settings then I remembered seeing that my prior WS10 was uninstalled and the new update was installed with a new WS10 program so I canceled the uninstall while it was uninstalling and am not sure if I may have lost some books. Is there a way to check? Maybe I will have to uninstall and reinstall WS10 to make sure I didn’t lose any volumes or books? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

    • Hi David, please contact tech support and they would love to help you out! 888.854.8400 Thank you!

      • I did contact tech support and spoke with a very knowledgeable person, Paul was his name and he had a solution that sounded great and worked somewhat but crashed upon attempting to use the library contents report, not to be confused with the My Library Report we now have. I still have a difference of 220 volumes from before the update to after the update. I Highly recommend to all that before they update that they print out the old library contents report before updating. I tried customer service and ask how that could tell me if I have all the books I have purchased over the years and they told me I needed the library contents report, well guess what I didn’t print out the old one so now all I have is the one I find fault with. I wish someone could tell me what happened. And why their is such a difference in the numbers.

  8. These are all good changes, especially the automatic book update. But, they are a bit underwhelming considering how long we’ve waited for the update. I hope it’s not that long again before another update, considering there is some core functionality that needs to be addressed.

    • Hi Jerry, what functions would you like to see in an update?

      • Well, since you asked. 🙂

        The User Book and Sermon Tools need to be integrated into the rest of the product, such as Cross Refs and Verse Explorer. To be honest, it is odd to me that WS would release such cool tools but not integrate them into the verse lookup capabilities. I mean, linking together texts and resources based on the passage being studied is what makes Bible software so powerful, right? So what good is it to enter all my sermons into the Sermon tool if it doesn’t do anything?

        How much more powerful would it be if the Related Scriptures field from the sermon tool (using every single one of my sermons for the last 10 years) was pulled into Verse Explorer or Cross-Refs? Ditto for User books. That means I could actually integrate all my past study and research alongside WS’s resources. But it’s like you guys got those tools 75% of the way there, then moved on to something else.

        I’ve been requesting this for a very long time, ever since those tools first made their appearance. But nothing has changed, and I’ll be honest, it’s hard not to start looking at other packages that do this as a matter of fact, such as Sword Searcher, TheWord, and Logos.

        I am a loyal customer and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, as I don’t want to give up my purchased library, yet. Thanks for listening.

      • I would love to see the Sermons tool and User Books actually incorporated into the rest of the product. Currently, User Book entries and Sermon entries are not considered for inclusion in results for Verse Explorer, Cross-Refs, Instant Verse Study, or Collections (which does give the option to include My Documents and My Notes, oddly enough).

        I would suggest that pulling together all the various resources into one place for the current passage being studied is one of the main advantages of using Bible software. So why would you go through the trouble of creating near-awesome tools like Sermons and User Books, and then stop just short of the one thing that would make them incredibly valuable?

        Think how powerful it would be to include the last 10 years of my messages in the Verse Explorer or Cross-Refs results. Doing so would allow *my* research to show up natively alongside all of WORDSearch’s research, giving me the holy grail of Bible study.

        • Michael Kinch says

          Thanks Jerry, I agree 100%. I think that Wordsearch needs to completely update the user books. They are difficult to create and when you do you can’t do anything with them. They just sit there. We should be able to create them in a word processor and then convert to a user book when we are finished. Then they should be fully incorporated into our Wordsearch library.

  9. Hey there!
    Great update, I have been starting to use WordSearch almost as much as my Logos software. It’s wonderful to have such resources.

  10. Carey Pearson says

    very nice update, thanks.

  11. Thanks for the update!
    Are there any plans to get Morph Explorer for Hebrew?

  12. Charles W Cornett says

    On my iPad I Deleted my old app and went to iTunes and Downloaded the new UpDate and it will not sync and it crashes every time I Open the app and if I can open any book it crashes the app before I can read a
    paragraph. You should have left well enough alone with the old classic app and add all my books to it . I have a lot of books to add!

    My iPhone and iPod Touch are not much better.

    Charles Cornett

    • Hi Charles, did you download the WORDsearch Classic app? It is the old app. You can be using both apps at the same time as well. You can also call tech support at 888.854.8400 about the crashing, they would love to help! Thanks!

  13. I received a message when I signed in saying that some books had expired. There was long list of them. What is happening? When I purchase a book I expect to keep it.

    • Hi Michael, that shouldn’t be happening! Please call tech support at 888.854.8400, and they will be able to help! Thanks!

  14. I love your software and the constant improvements you offer. Please, please, please consider a *.mobi or *.epub export feature!

  15. CHRISTIAN COUNSELORS NEW TESTAMENT: I have found numerous yellow highlights in this book that I didn’t put there. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced the same? I know I didn’t put them there because I don’t use highlights unless I am putting a study together and only use them in the word processor. And I haven’t used this book very much. Although I find it a valuable resource and am glad to have it in my library for when the need arises. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the update…..but I didn’t notice any highlights before this, while I said I haven’t used it much, I have used it and never found any yellow highlights but now they are on almost every page.

  16. I am not sure about my library. I can’t get into it. When I try to it tells me that the licences have expired on the following books. When I scroll down, there are dozens of them. It won’t allow me to copy them and I haven’t counted them but I am not very happy about this.

    • I called tech support about the highlights and was told the Authors of the book put the highlights in the book………..but I didn’t notice the highlights before, maybe they did but the highlights seem pretty personal as if a specific person wanted something highlighted.
      And my library shows 220 less volumes now than before the update but I have no way to find out which ones are gone if any because when I called customer service I was told I needed my Library contents report to compare with but all I am able to access is the new one that shows 220 less than the old one….

      • Michael Kinch says

        In my case the books are not actually missing, they are locked. It may be that I am missing books as well. I don’t know. It did tell me that the license expired and displayed a list of them. It is not a short list. If you look down your list of books you may see the locked symbol on some of them. If you have Wordsearch on more than one computer and haven’t updated one of them you can compare.

        • Hi Michael, did you end up calling tech support? 888.854.8400 They can get this figured out for you. Thanks and let me know!

          • Michael Kinch says

            Hello kcornett, I contacted my sales rep. This is his reply

            That is a bug that was just discovered with the new 10.6 update. That should be corrected early this week with a smaller update. There’s nothing you need to worry about; they aren’t going to expire.

          • Thanks for letting me know, Michael!

  17. I noticed that Zondervan is taking over the Word Biblical Commentary series. I hope Wordsearch can get it.

  18. I love the update changes now for Wordsearch. I too miss the Library report – I used to copy it and send it to friends in Email form and say, “see what you’re missing without Wordsearch?”

    Wordsearch makes things way too easy! I recommend everyone pay the upgrade from WSBasic to the full package! And the amazing thing is, you all keep thinking of ways to improve!

    • Malachi, did you notice your number of volumes go down after the update? The reason I ask is that my number of volumes dropped by 220, I had 981 before the update and now it says I have 761 on both books and volumes and my books used to be @ 454. I wonder if I really lost 220 volumes or if this is happening to everyone.

  19. Another suggestion! With my Master’s Thesis rushing up on me, something that would help is the addition of a couple of other citation styles, like Chicago or MLA. The Tourabian is good, but if someone has a picky seminary, they’ll need those other citation styles!

  20. i just want to thank all who have helped with suggestions and comments on my concerns about the difference in number of books and volumes between the old Library Contents Report and the new report that replaced it. It will take some time to sort through all my notes and see if i am really missing any books/volumes or if the update may be counting books and volumes differently. i am still blessed with Wordsearch and am very pleased with the program. God Bless

  21. Betty Bonn says

    I don’t know how to contact you about a problem with my WordSearch Program–it won’t load.
    Please email how I can do contact you:

  22. Jerome Kinzey says

    I love this software! I am writing a book and would love to use my Wordsearch10 to references scriptures. Do I need additional permission? What would be the correct citing format?

    • Hi Jerome! Sorry for the late response. Depending on the translation you use, you might need permission from the publisher of that translation. (Example, Crossway for ESV.) For translations like KJV, you wouldn’t need permission since it is in the public domain. Hope this helps!

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