Quick Tips – Android Library and Book Discovery


In this blog post, we’ll learn how to navigate and arrange your WORDsearch Android Library and how to download & open books.

How to Navigate Your Library
When you first enter the app, you will see your library in list view.

list view

You can also view your library in shelf view by tapping on the Shelf View icon on the upper, right-hand side of the Library page.


To go back to list view, tap the List View icon.


You can also view your books in their categories. To do so, tap the category arrow button at the top of the screen. You will see a drop-down menu where you can select which category of titles you would like to view.


Finally, you can find books by searching your library. Tap the Search icon, and you will be given the options to Search by Title/Author or Search within text. Select Search Title/Author and type in your book’s information to find your book and open it.


How to Download and Open a Book
The books in your library that have not been downloaded are more transparent than books that have been downloaded. To download a book, tap the cover, and the download process will begin. To open a book, tap on the downloaded book cover.


You now know how to navigate your library, download, and open books.


  1. Hello,

    I have been looking forward to the first major release of your Android app, and to my amazement it is a real disappointment. Surely during your beta testing enough people would have left negative feedback about having to stay signed into ones account in order for their books to stay on their phone. I do not have to do that with my PC version, and if I had to, I would not have bought version 10. I can see no logic to it.

    I have paid for my books, and once I have logged in, with my user name and password, I should be able to download the books I want on my phone and then log off. The point of having offline viewing of ones books, is so one does not have to be signed into ones account. having to be signed means it is not offline viewing. I can do this in Youversion. None of my apps on my phone stay signed in, if I did that, my phone would not last the day for every app signing in to stay connected online.

    There is also no way, from what I have seen, to only show the books I downloaded. I might not want all my books downloaded. To see my downloaded one mixed in with my unloaded ones makes no sense, and makes things cluttered. This too beta users must have mentioned in feedback.

    Another thing missing is being able to get to ones Notes. Right now it appears that ones has to go into a Bible where the note was taken in order to open the note. One should be able to get to ones notes from the main screen drop down. This too I am sure people left feedback about.

    I know you site says you have improvements coming, but surely what I have mentioned should have already been taken care of before this first major release.

    As it stands now, you have a long way to go, to have Wordsearch Android, anywhere as good as Youversion.

    Sorry I am being so critical, but having your PC version, which is absolutely awesome, your android app is a bitter disapointment.


    • Hi Ron, offline use means that you can have your books if you stayed signed-in but are not on the internet. So if you download a book in your account on the internet, and go outside and want to read without the internet, it will still be there. You don’t need to log out of your account at any time, and this will make sure your books stay there. Seeing the study notes is something we are currently working on and should be available soon. Thanks for your feedback, Ron, we appreciate it, and your patience. The Android app is meant to be an e-reader for now so that you can access your books on the go, so just a complement to the PC version. Hope this and my previous comment help! Thanks!

  2. Tommie Martin says

    Perhaps a little the immediate lesson but a great concern.
    When will a return button be added to the program so -having jumped to a full text reference you can go back to the book you were studying?
    Also, A more specific history needs to be implemented so when a book is re-opened, you go to your last reading point automatically.
    And of course, a sync between bible texts and other books (which makes the desktop WS so valuable) is sorely needed.
    Any time line when things like this will be implemented?
    God Bless, and thanks for the App.

    • Hi Tommie, thanks for letting us know about your concern. Our developers are working to improve the app, including the issues you have mentioned, and should be released in an update when they are ready. Thanks for your patience!

      • Oh wow I second Tommie… that return button is such a small but MASSIVELY useful feature.

        That said, believe it or not the back button on the Kindle Fire serves the same function, in the same way. I wonder if that was an accident, intentional, or just what the Kindle does… hehe

  3. Robert Leitch says

    Liking the app a lot. Many thanks for working on an Android version 🙂 I was wondering if you could shed some light on how to use Strongs with the app. I can’t see any way to open a word from the KJV in Strongs to look it up.

    Thank you

    • Hi Robert, thanks for the kind words! Strong’s isn’t available on the app yet, but it is very close to being ready and released in an update.

  4. I’m curious, is the Strongs Concordance links supposed to work on this release yet, or is that a feature that is still TBD on all the mobile apps? I haven’t tried it on the iOS version, and Strongs opens in Android but then closes out if I try navigating about. I mean I kind of figure linking between books is on the list but probably not up and running yet.

    • It might be on their list of to do’s, but first they have to make Wordsearch Android keep your downloaded books when logging out of one account, and not delete them as it does not. That is not offline access to ones books. There needs to be an to only show downloaded books, and the ability to get at ones Notes without having to go into a Bible to access them. These are the bugs I have found.

      • Thanks for the suggestions, Ron. On the Android app, there is a category called Downloaded Books, and if you tap on that, it will only show the books you have downloaded. Hope that helps!

    • Hi Michael, Strong’s isn’t a feature on the mobile apps yet, but it is very close to being ready. Thanks so much!

  5. Carol Britton says

    When I first downloaded my books, The Amplified Bible was available and it said it downloaded; plus it’s set as my default. But it does not show up on my tablet at all. It is one of the Bibles that I have bought and is still on my PC WordSearch version.

    Why? What do I need to do to get it on my Android tablet?

    • Hi Carol, you should see it on your tablet in the Bible category if you have registered your account and logged in to the Android app, but you will have to download it on there. It might help to call tech support at 888.854.8400 so they can check your account and get everything sorted out. Sorry about that!

  6. The App is available on Amazon’s site, now, but it is showing up as incompatible with the Kindle Fire HD. Any ideas why this is?

  7. I thought you might like to know how things work for a pastor (myself) trying to use the WordSearch Android app as my main means of accessing my WS Library. This evening I began by opening the NIV text to Matthew chapter 17 to read over the verses I will be covering this Sunday. Easy enough. Then I decided to read a commentary on those verses so I clicked on The Believers Bible Commentary. My first concern was getting to Matthew 17 and verse 24. After a few minutes of looking around and trying a few things I eventually discovered the book’s table of contents with clickable links. I found the link for Matthew 17 but when I clicked on it I was taken to a spot much earlier in the book. I tried this several times but the link and even some adjacent links all were taking me to the same spot about 5 chapters away from where I wanted to be. I eventually got to Matthew 17 only by clicking on a section around chapter 18 and then turning pages backward. (By the way, I initially tried moving the bar at the bottom of the screen but it moved without giving me ANY idea where I was in the book. Wherever I stopped was a wild guess as to where I would land.

    Obviously this took a LONG time and was WAY harder than it should have been. Had I been able to do a split screen with my Bible text on one side and my commentary linked on the other it would have worked wonderfully! I can only hope that that is your goal with the Android app.

    Please don’t develop this app with just smart phones in mind. Tablets are the way it will really get used, and for pastors like myself who have abandoned booth Windows and Mac PCs for devices that run Android and Chrome (I have a Chromebook) your Android app is now my only method for accessing my Word Search library. I dare say you probably never intended this Android app as the primary method for anyone to use Word Search, but for me it is. I’m counting on you guys. 🙂

    • Hi Paul, thanks for letting us know about your experience and the bug you found, that was really helpful! I will let our developers know what happened to you. We are continuing to work on improving the app to fix issues like this. Have a great day and thanks for your patience!

      • Yeah I have to confess, I almost regret buying the NIV Study Bible over the regular NIV… I never noticed the difference until trying to navigate it in Small Group. I mean you can, its like navigating an e-book or having the Bible on the older, non-touch Kindles. You just get used to the navigation of other translations, which are so instant, but no one else in the group is using any of them.

        But then to be fair they’ve got physical bibles with pre-2011 NIV language so there was never really hope anyway. *lol*

  8. First, I’m so glad you’ve been working so hard on this app. I love having it, even in its early incarnation.

    One item I’d like to have that my old app from a competitor had is the ability to have a split screen — have, say, a commentary open beside my Bible. I use the app every Sunday in church and in our Adult Bible Fellowship, and I do like to see what commentators have to say as I scroll through the Scriptures.

    Will look forward to seeing how this program is enhanced in the days ahead. Thanks for remembering us Android folks.

  9. Tommy Harmon says

    I have a question. After you have read through a book, how can you remove it to save space in storage?

    I am glad you are getting this app up and running. I like what I have see and using.

    Bless the devs.

  10. Thank you so much for this app. I have really been looking forward to this release. I also have a list of improvements though.
    1. Please allow us to choose the location of our books. Last March I decided not to buy an iPad in order to use the WORDsearch app and bought a small laptop. I have taken it to church a couple of times, but it is just doesn’t cut it while sitting in the pews. I do enjoy being able to create my own documents with notes from all my church classes though. In September when this app came out, I was using a 2.3 Android phone. In December I decided to get a tablet for the WORDsearch app. I own over a thousand titles with WORDsearch because I have been adding to my library for a few years. Only 140 would fit on my tablet. I bought a 32 GB SD card to put all my books on, but the tablet will not transfer them to the SD card in a way that the app can still read them. I need a file manager inside WORDsearch that either allows me to select my SD card as a download location or a file manager that I can use to find the books after I manually transfer them to my SD card. I have already contacted the manufacturer of my device and was told that it was designed with an internal SD card that is only 500 mb, so all my books are defaulting there and cannot be used from the external SD card at this time.

    2. I am also looking forward to using the Strong’s. My friends at church are really interested in it because they have not found a good concordance yet. I would demonstrate it to them, and hopefully bring them on board, but unfortunately, my tablet will not download the Strong’s until I have more space. I also have several family members looking forward to getting their own tablets, but have to work out these details first before I can recommend it to them. I would hate to have to buy more tablets until I finally find a compatible one. What would I do with all the tablets that are not compatible with WORDsearch?

    • Thanks so much for your feedback, Angela! We are still working on improvements, and I’ve forwarded your comment along to our developers. Your friends’ tablets should be able to download and use WORDsearch as long as they are iPad, iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S and 5), iPod Touch or Android devices 4.0 OS or higher. Hope this helps and thank you so much for your patience!

  11. I have been using WordsearchBible on my Acer Tablet, A500 with Android OS 4.0.3 (can’t update to newer Android OS) since the App became available in fall of last year. I can access 98% of my library except for Complete Word Study Bible, Old & New Testament, and Life Changing Bible Study Series and a few others. Pretty impressive. Do you have any timeline to share with us about updates to Android Version? Dates and new features? Looking for split screen and to be able to save downloads to external SD Card. I can’t update my Acer an further then 4.0.3, so please make upgrades to continue to work. Also, I can beta test. I use it a lot.

    • Hi Dean! We’re finalizing a test right now to release a new update pretty soon, but if we need your help to beta in the future, we will let you know! Thanks so much for offering!

  12. Dean Herold says

    I like the new version of Android update, but I am having a couple minor issues with it. I have the same issue for on my two Android devices, one is a Motorola Electrify M phone and a Samsung Galaxy Pro 10.1 inch tablet. Both devices are using Android version 4.4.
    The three issues in order of importance are:
    1) I have changed the default bible in the settings to a version I use most, NASB95S, but whenever I use a book and click on a reference, it reverts back to the ASV. II see that I can change it in the reference window, but it is annoying to have to change it all the time.
    2) I have changed the text in the settings, but it does not always stay on that setting.
    3) The archiving of books does not work. I click them to archive and it shows in the i-circle that they are archived, but they still show up in the list of books.

    Any suggestions?

  13. I am using an iPad 3 with the WS app and wanted to know is there a way to download my whole library at one time or do i have to do it one book at a time? Thanks!

    • Hi Paul! You can only download one at a time, but you can stream any of your books at any time you are on WiFi. We recommend you only download the books you will need when you are no on WiFi.

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