Staff Pick – The Glory of Preaching

bob3_staffpickEach week the blog will feature a favorite book of a staff member that’s available on WORDsearch.

Do you know how much time pastors put into preparing their messages? Many people do not realize the amount of work it takes. I’ve heard people (non-pastors) talk about the easy “1-2 hour workweeks” that pastors have. As a pastor’s son and pastor-in-training, I’ve come to understand that this is not the case.

The one-hour message you hear from the pulpit is the result of 13 hours of study (in my experience), on average. Reading the original Greek and Hebrew texts, examining the context and comparing parallel passages are all things that go into this study time, with the goal of coming to a full and clear understanding of the text. After this time of study, the final step of the process is to communicate this understanding to other people. We call this teaching or preaching.

Homiletics is the art of preaching. It is the study of organizing biblical truth in an orderly manner so that it can be easily understood.

The Glory of Preaching gives great practical advice on order and structure, and it does so in a way that does not discount the spiritual aspect of preaching. God the Holy Spirit is the one who is at work in teaching us, and He chooses to do so through pastors. This participation of the pastor in the teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit is truly “glorious”.

I really enjoyed this contrast from chapter 3: “Expository preaching is not about getting a message out of the text; it is about inviting people into the text so that the text can do what only the text can do.”

This book is a valuable tool, and I intend to re-read it soon, because I know the benefit it will be for me in my own teaching. If you are looking for a book that will help you communicate more effectively the Truth that you are studying, I highly recommend this book.

I consider it a blessing to work with these kind of books, and to serve those who preach and teach to change lives.
Bob Bolender III is an e-book developer at WORDsearch who is studying to be a pastor under the training ministry at Austin Bible Church, where his father is the pastor. He is also a graduate of Word of God Bible College in Kiev, Ukraine, where he studied a lot of Greek, Hebrew, Russian and a little bit of Ukrainian.

Download The Glory of Preaching, a new release, for $19.95 here.

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