A Thanksgiving Food Drive

“On any given night there are more than 2,300 Austinites living on the streets of Austin, in shelters or in other places not meant for human habitation, like cars. Over 900 of those who are homeless would be considered chronically homeless; people who have been homeless for over one year, or four times in the past 3 years.” – www.austintexas.gov

WORDsearch employees Julian Garcia, Mike Giles, Katie Cornett, Kristina Vandiver and Joe Hendley with some of the donations.

WORDsearch employees Julian Garcia, Mike Giles, Katie Cornett, Kristina Vandiver and Joe Hendley with some of the donations.

This fall, WORDsearch participated in a canned food drive for Thomas Wright Ministries.

Brought to WORDsearch by Julian Garcia from our tech support team, the food drive was held through Shoreline Christian Center with the goal of feeding the Austin homeless population a Thanksgiving meal. This is the fourth year WORDsearch has participated.

“As we all know, Thanksgiving is a day that is traditionally celebrated with friends and family over a big feast. However, for some people, just getting something to eat on any given day of the week is a challenge,” said Garcia.

Garcia set up boxes around the office so employees could donate to the cause. After two months of collecting goods, Garcia gathered up the food and delivered four boxes of canned food as well as other items that the homeless can use.

“It may not sound like a large donation, but we are a small company,” said Garcia. “Each canned food drive has been a testimony to the generosity of the WORDsearch employees. This company is made up of givers and servants. We are aware of the joy of giving, and, we know this makes God happy. ”

Pastor Thomas Wright, of Thomas Wright Ministries, sponsored by Shoreline Christian Center, was once a member of the homeless population. He is now off the streets and for the past ten years has been solely dedicated to preaching to the Austin homeless, and providing them with an opportunity to get off the streets, hear the gospel and to accept salvation. Now running the ministry, Wright manages food donations, Saturday afternoon open-air church services, praise and worship, and large public meals.

Garcia and Wright

Garcia and Wright

When asked what he thought of our donations, Wright replied, “This is awesome!

To learn more about Pastor Thomas Wright and his ministries visit:



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