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Remember back when we were in the 4th or 5th grade and out on the playground we would divide up in teams for a ball game? That had to be some of the most frustrating moments of childhood. Nervous thoughts of “Will I be picked?” Or remember when the list was posted for those making the team following tryouts? We stood a slight distance away, just close enough to see if our name was there, but not too close to be faced with complete rejection by our name’s absence.

Making the list. Go ahead admit it, we all want to be wanted, picked, and deemed valuable. We all have areas of  life that we fall short, lack skill, or just can’t seem to get it right. In these, we begin to see ourselves as less valuable than others. Perhaps we even become resentful of those who do seem to have it all together. Does envy, jealously, bitterness, or even hatred sound familiar?

Ever notice that we may take these perspectives, or may I say insecurities, into our relationship with God? I know I do! Often, we find our head bowed not necessarily in reverence, but out of frustration, and we continue listing all our shortcomings, these becoming our excuses, and, before we know it, we are telling God that He shouldn’t want us.

Instead Beloved, we should consider the “list” that God has compiled. The list of biblical proportion. These folks did stupid things, made BIG mistakes, were not of the flashy type; some were too small, too old, too ugly, too worrisome.

Eve listened to the devil * Rahab was a prostitute *Adam shifted blame*Jeremiah and Timothy were too young *Noah was a drunk *David had an affair and was a murderer *Abraham was too old *Elijah was suicidal *Isaac was a daydreamer *Isaiah preached naked *Jacob was a liar *Jonah ran from God *Leah was ugly *Naomi was a widow *Joseph was abused *Job went bankrupt *Moses stuttered *John the Baptist ate bugs *Aaron watched the idol making *Peter denied Christ *Gideon was afraid *The disciples fell asleep while praying *Sampson had long hair and was a womanizer *Martha worried about everything *The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once *Zaccheus was too small *Paul was too religious *Lazarus was dead!

However, God used ALL of these people! They were part of His plan. They ALL had weaknesses of some sort. Do YOU find yourself among this list? Do you worry, then beat yourself up for lack of faith? Do you fall asleep when you pray, then believe the lie you don’t love God enough?

Have you been divorced, afraid, abused, widowed, bankrupted, drunk? God is God. He compiles the list! You made the list, the list of redeemed mankind. God moved in and through these people’s lives. Do we think of Moses as a stutterer? Do we think of Gideon afraid? What first comes to mind when we think of Peter? A great leader of the church, not Peter the denier! God is the Redeemer, of our soul, life, and yes, mistakes, failures, and shortcomings.

I so admire King David’s longing, through all the junk of his life. He says in the Psalms, “Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in You.” He continues with, “Show me… rescue me… teach me… lead me” (Ps. 143).  May we all look forward to the dawn of each new day, trusting in God, allowing Him to show us, rescue us, teach us, and lead us.

YOU my friends are sons & daughters of the Most High God! YOU are valuable! YOU are loved! YOU made the list! HIS list!

Pic of DeDe MoravikDeDe Moravik, soon-to-be Southwick, is the mother of two wonderful sons and lives outside of Portland, Oregon. She has a degree in Theology, leads women’s bible studies, and has served on the leadership team of her local church. She loves studying God’s Word, gardening, and making her sons laugh. You can read her blog here.

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