Quick Tip – The Resource Window


The Resource Window is used to open any book or document in your WORDsearch library. By default it is pinned open, but it can also be set to auto-hide to give you more room for books on screen. Even when hidden, it is always partially visible on the left side of the WORDsearch program as a tall thin strip.

Opening the Resource Window


The area outlined in red shows the Resource window in its closed state. Hover your mouse over or click in this area to open the Resource window. The Resource window will stay open until you move your mouse cursor to the right. Once your cursor is no longer over the Resource window it will hide itself.

Tip: If you find yourself accidentally opening the Resource window by moving your mouse over it when you don’t intend to, you can change its behavior so that it will only open when you click on it.

Pinning Open the Window

pinopenIf you want the Resource window to stay open, you can pin it open by using the thumbtack button in the upper right. In the picture to the left, the thumbtack has been outlined in red. Click once to “pin” the window open, click again to put the window into the mode in which it will hide itself once you move your cursor off the window.

Resource Toolbar

At the top of the window is a toolbar. You can use this toolbar to change the behavior of the Resource window.


Use this button to access options.


Use this Sections button to show or hide sections.


Use this to filter books so that you can quickly find a book by title or author. To exit “filter mode” clear the text.


Opening and Minimizing Sections


To open or close a section you can click on the section header, or click the buttons outlined in red.

Clicking the “X” button removes a section from the Resource window entirely. If you change your mind and want to restore a section, click the Sections button in the Resource window toolbar (see above).

Expanding and Collapsing Folders


Most sections in the Resource window have folders that are used to organize their contents. To open or close all folders in a section, use the plus and minus buttons in the section header.

There’s this week’s quick tip! Do you usually have your Resource window pinned open or hidden? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Robert Nowell says

    My favorite is the KJV. I first read the Bible through using the Living Bible (The Word). I then switched tot he NASB and read it through in that. I later moved to the NAS95 , but I became concerned with the Alexandrian texts and after trying the NIV and NKJV settled on the KJV. I now do my memorization using the KJV, but confuse it with the NAS and Living translations a bit because I trying memorizing in them first. I am not KJV only, but I have concerns about the Alexandrian text based versions. I realize the KJV readability is more difficult and I am aware of other criticisms, but I like that it also brings me closer to the language of the Founders of the United States. I think the majesty of the KJV is unmatched in English translations. I also like that it has no royalties and so can be made available to English speakers at a lower cost. I have access to many translations, but prefer the KJV. I think the Geneva Bible wold be good to read through, but I have yet to do this.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Robert! It’s great to hear your history with different Bible texts and why they are important to you.

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