Quick Tip – Carousels


Bibles, commentaries, and dictionary windows have a feature known as a carousel. A carousel allows you to set up a list of favorite books that you can flip to rapidly without opening multiple windows. To set up or use a carousel, use the controls at the bottom of a carousel-equipped window (on the bottom left corner of a Bible, commentary or dictionary window):


Use the Manage Carousel button managecarouselbtn to add, remove or reorder books in the carousel. Use the blue buttons to flip between books in the carousel.

For example, assume you set up your Bible carousel as follows:


The image above shows the list of available Bibles on the left, and two Bibles in a carousel on the right. In this case, the Bibles are the Amplified Bible and Holman Christian Standard Bible. Clicking the right arrow would cycle through each of the Bibles in that list in order.

For an alternate way of comparing Bible translations, see the Parallel Bible window.

The carousel helps you quickly navigate through your favorite books quickly without having to go to the library window. What books are on your carousel? Share with us in the comments below! 


  1. I like the carousel for the Bibles but not for the commentaries.When you make a desktop to study
    1 Peter, I would select 3 commentaries.Then when I go back to main desk top to look up averse in general with the commentaries I have to put back those all the commentaries that didn’t use for 1 Peter.. Then I do it again for my 1 Peter desk top it is annoying. When making a new desk top it should affect my main desk top carousel.


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