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Happy Saturday everyone! As you were busy preparing sermons or deep into Bible study, you may have missed a few emails or social media posts from us here at WORDsearch. Here’s your weekly email to catch you up on what is going on.

“The Stimulation of Christian Historical, Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral Scholarship Toward Further Inquiry into the Scriptural Interpretations of the Ancient Christian Writers.”

We have been excitedly waiting this release – The Ancient Christian Commentary on the Scriptures (ACCS) from InterVarsity Press. The editors of this set have hit a home run in our humble opinion. They’ve edited, translated, footnoted, and reorganized truly ancient material in a way that is fresh, usable, teachable, and preachable.

The ACCS is a massive project that was started in 1993 and only recently completed. Dozens of expert Bible scholars worked to translate and sift through thousands of ancient writings from the early church. Many refer to this work as “the Christian Talmud.” It’s a carefully crafted commentary that pieces together the works of serious Christian writers from 95 A.D. to 749 A.D. Thousands of commentary segments (mostly in the form of a paragraph or two) are placed exactly where they belong connected with Scripture.

Hundreds of volumes of patrisitic writings (or early church fathers) have never been translated into English and remain in Latin and Greek. The editors of the ACCS have combed these works, translating into English for the first time, the parts that are relevant or useful. 293 ancient authors contributed to this work, and they are arranged in the ACCS to be able to reflect on one another. Read more and check this commentary out, especially while it is on sale.

Dr. John MacArthur’s Excellent Study Resources

MacArthur is one of our most requested authors here at WORDsearch. His outstanding scholarship is sought by preachers, teachers, and serious students of God’s Word. This week, we introduced a limited time sale on three of his most helpful tools. These three volumes are full of MacArthur’s study notes from 35 years of scholarship, precise commentary for every passage of Scripture, accurate answers for the questions that often perplex our personal study, along with maps, charts, word studies, and more. It is hard to explain the value of these books in a way that does them justice – you’ll just have to check them out for yourself.

Quick Reminders:

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