Quick Tip – Verse List Window


The Verse List window creates verse-based outlines. With it, you can create topical studies, lessons, or even sermon outlines. You can organize verses by including named section headings. Sections can be expanded or collapsed. When a section is collapsed, you see only the section heading, not the verses for that section. Verses do not have to be in Bible order. You can attach notes to any section heading or verse.

To create a new section or add verses to an existing section, you can either use the Add Verses button, or right click where you want to insert the new verses or section, and choose the “Insert…” menu item.

To move a verse or range of verses into a different section, right-click and choose “Move to Section”.

TIP: you can add verses to the verse list from other book windows by right-clicking. You can right-click directly on a scripture reference, or you can get every scripture reference in an entire paragraph. You can even add verses from Search Results to a verse list.

verse listFor more help on the verse list toolbar, see the WORDsearch Help File – Verse List Window.

How often do you use the Verse List Window to create a lesson, study, or sermon? Share with us in the comments below!


  1. Gregory Kent Brown says

    I have been using WordSearch in a very limited way for many years, starting with WordSearch 7 and then progressing through the later updates till now I am using WordSearch 10, on a PC with Windows 7.
    However, I was reading the QuickTips and upon reading about the Verse List Window, I discovered that I am unable to right click and have any options at all available. I can see the value and power of being able to obtain the verses from a paragraph of a commentary, or whatever I am reading, and placing them in the verse list, but I am unable to do so.
    God bless you…………..
    Gregory K Brown

    • Hi Gregory, I would recommend that you call into our tech support and they should be able to help you out! The number is 888.854.8400. Thanks so much!!


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