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We have all been there. You are reading a fascinating book or article with several biblical references. You are torn between looking up each verse and just trusting the author. A few years ago I fell under conviction that if I did not look up the text I was lifting the opinions of men above the Word of God. (That may not be a real problem but I was raised legalistically, so I find random sins all over the place where there really are not any.)

At any rate this makes the Info Window in WORDsearch dear to me. As you read commentaries, articles, footnotes, and cross-references, the text addresses appear as hyperlinks. Simply hold your mouse over the link and, boom, the Info Window to the right instantly locates and highlights that text in a separate window. It does not move your Bible off your main text, but allows you to read the Word and gain a deeper, and higher if you will, understanding of the context.

info window

Try it out and read God’s Word as you study God’s Word.

Josh KingJosh King is the Lead Pastor at Sachse’s Church (Sax-ee) in North East Dallas County. He has Bible/ministry degrees from Criswell College and Liberty Seminary. He and his wife Jacki have two sons and are expecting the third (from Ethiopia) in the next few months (hopefully). 

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