Guest Post – 8 Steps to Better Bible Study

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Who among us doesn’t want to study their Bible better? I know I do! As I’m a seminary student, over the years there have been a few handy things I have learned to do when I want to get deeper into a particular section of Scripture. The following are certain steps that I take that allow me to see more deeply into what is being said besides the mere words written on the page.

1. Open WORDsearch to the section of Scripture you want to look at.
2. Using the highlighter tool, look for repeated words and concepts.
3. Locate important words or theological terms (looking them up in Strong’s or another Word Study tool if necessary).
4. Make notes about observations in the Bible Notes window to save notes particular to specific verses, while leaving the reading window open.
5. Open study Bible notes and a commentary alongside the Scripture to read and understand the background of the book.


Example desktop following these steps. Click to expand.

6. Re-read the section several more times to see if you missed anything.
7. With the new tools, go verse-by-verse by clicking through and see what is meant by the author.
8. Re-write in your own words what the author is trying to say in the Word Processor window, save thoughts for later sermon or teaching.

Now with these ideas/tips I hope it will help you to delve deeper into God’s Word. If you need any suggestions on a good study Bible or commentaries please feel free to ask.

What suggestions would you add to this list to help get deeper into the word?

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paul horne, guest blogPaul Horne has been married to wife Lory for over seven years, and they have two sons. They reside in Suffolk, VA, and are a part of a local church plant. Horne is currently a full-time seminary student (LBTS), pursuing an M.Div. in Pastoral Ministries. He has a heart for men’s ministry, particularly small groups. You can read more of his blog here.


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