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One of the steps in our Guest Post this week, 8 Steps to Better Bible Study, was to make notes in the Bible Notes window in WORDsearch. To go along with that step, in this week’s Quick Tip we are going to take a closer look at the Bible Notes window – what the different

The Bible Notes window is your archive for notes that you want to be permanently associated with Bible verses. In other words, if you are studying Genesis 1:1, and want to remember something specific to that verse only, you can save a note in the Bible window. That way, anytime you come back to Genesis 1:1, you will see the note that you made.

Contrast this with the Word Processor, which is intended for writings that are not tightly coupled to a particular verse or verses. (More general notes that are saved separately.)

bible notes window

Your note text is stored in a file called a notebook. A notebook named “Default” is created automatically the first time you use the Bible Notes window. You can create, rename, or delete notebooks using the File menu’s Manage Notebooks menu item. Notebooks are not translation-specific; that is, your notes are usable with any Bible translation.

By default the Bible Notes window is synchronized with Bible and Commentary windows. You can toggle synchronization using the Sync button on the toolbar.

There are several ways to navigate. The most common is when the toolbar’s Sync button is depressed and you move to a new verse in a Bible window. When the notes window is sync’d, it will always move to the same verse as the active Bible or commentary window. You can instead choose to navigate directly by typing a verse into the Navigate box. If you want to visit a preexisting note, you can click the Browse button to see a list of all notes, or use the Prev and Next buttons to sequentially visit notes.

Verse Ranges
To attach a note to arrange a range of verses (e.g. Gen 1:1-5) instead of a single verse, simply type the desired range into the Navigate box and press Enter. The “You are here” box will reflect your selected range.

Search your notes by using the Search box at the top of the window. A list of search results will display in the body of the window. When you navigate to a search result the selected notes will be displayed. To re-display search results click the Results button at the top of the window.

Exporting Notes
You can export your notes into a standard word processing document by using the File menu’s Export Notes command. You can export just a portion or the entire set of notes from a notebook.

The Bible Note window is easy to navigate, powerful, and helpful for when you are trying to stay organized or wanting to remember notes for a sermon, lesson, or study on particular verses.

Do you use the Bible Notes window? Share with us in the comments below! 


  1. I must admit I have not used the Notes much. I do have quite a bit of comments in the VRS verse list and see that perhaps I need to transfer some of them to Notes as it may be better suited. VRS is what I started with in WordSearch 5 and I still have some of those along with some topics under documents. This was the way I learned to do it back in the day. I have even turned some of my VRS files into user books but perhaps that would be easier using Notes instead. (I had a bit of a hard time knowing where to comment as the article said below and the real place to click is above)


    • Hi Dale! Sorry about the comment confusion! Try out the Bible notes and let us know what you end up thinking, it would be great to hear your opinion/experience!

  2. I use WORDsearch 10 on my PC at home and my notebook when I am out. How can you sync the notes (which is one of the best features!) between devices?

    • Hi Anita! This is not available in WORDsearch 10, but we are working on an update that will allow you to do this. Thanks so much for your patience!

  3. Jesse Barnhart says

    I use Bible Notes on occasion, but not real often. I noticed this morning that after adding a note on a verse, there was no corresponding icon that appeared next to the verse in the Bible window letting me know a note was associated with that verse.

    Have I turned something off or was that removed?


    • Hi there! Notes either inside the book or from the Bible Notes you will not see a marker. Only with the Bookmarks will you see a mark.Hope this helps!

  4. What is the difference between “notes” and “note stacks”?


    • NoteStacks is a way of organizing the notes you create from any Bible or book. You can tag your notes with topical tags, and the NoteStack cards will link back to the exact place in the book the card is quoting, allowing you to go back and read the full context of a quote. Does that make sense?

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