Saturday Roundup

saturday roundup

Busy this week? So were we here at WORDsearch! We had some exciting new releases, and they are all on sale! In case you missed anything, here is all the news from this week, all in one place.

“I want to give you something to build on,” says Pastor Rob Westbrook. “Something that’s been studied through, that gives you a head start for your messages this Sunday. Something that will help you make the most of your limited time.”


Even just from this quote, you call tell that Westbrook, a Mississippi pastor, understands the hard work that is required to write and preach effective sermons. He has decades of pulpit-tested work that we are now offering on WORDsearch. Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors contains hundreds of fresh sermon outlines covering Scripture from nearly every book of the Bible, plus a wide range of Bible topics. But this collection is much more than just outlines. Westbrook follows his main points with sub points and sub-sub points that have been carefully and prayerfully thought out. They can be quickly scanned, helping you save time and making it easy to expand, delete, and insert your own material. Check out more about Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors over on our website.

“How would you rank your knowledge of the Bible on a scale of 1 to 10?”

When we preach sermons or teach the Bible to others, our daily studies require us to accurately interpret the Bible. This week, WORDsearch released a new tool by Dr. Robert Plummer, a highly respected professor of New Testament at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In this new book, 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible, Plummer asks the most important 40 questions we need to ask when interpreting the Bible. Then he offers well-researched answers and explanations that are brilliantly organized, clearly stated, and easy to understand. He dives into the details that are important but easily overlooked, offering sound advice that’s backed with scholarly research. To celebrate this new release, we also put some of our other books concerning questions that you might have, or that others may be asking you, on sale. We pray that these books would help you in your learning, as well as your mentoring to others that trust you. See these books.

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The Baker New Testament Commentary Sale Ends Monday

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