Quick Tip – Sermons & Illustrations Window


The Sermon & Illustration window is a powerful tool that allows you to collect, edit, and quickly find your sermons and sermon illustrations. This helps you create searchable sermons while having your Bible and books open, all on the same desktop. You can also add keywords that help you find your sermon later, so you can see what topics you have written or preached about before.

You can open the window by clicking on the Sermons icon on the toolbar in WORDsearch.

Sermon Window Icon

Once it opens, click the New button at the bottom of the window.

sermon illustration window new

The window will change and display the editor.

sermon window example

In the editor, first enter your article title at the top of the window. Next click the Illustration radio button if it will be a sermon illustration, or the Sermon button if it will be sermon text. Then type or paste in the body of the article.

Helpful Tip: Optionally add “Tags” underneath. Tags are simply keywords that may or may not appear in the actual body of the article that will enable you to quickly find the article later. For example, you might have an illustration that recounts a story that embodies the concept of forgiveness, yet the actual word forgiveness never appears inside the illustration. You can add the tag “forgiveness” to enable you to search on that later.

Searches can be based off of Scripture, tags, or any word that appears in the title or body of an article.

How often do you use the Sermon window? Share with us in the comments, we love to hear from you!


  1. William Harper says

    Is there any way possible that this feature could be added to Quickverse 10 in a future update?

    • Hi William! QV10 will not be featuring this in a future update, but you could always upgrade to WORDsearch 10! Thanks so much!

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