Saturday Roundup

saturday roundup

Busy this week? So were we here at WORDsearch! We had some exciting new releases, and they are all on sale! In case you missed anything, here is all the news from this week, all in one place.

A commentary on Bible poetry and wisdom requires unique scholarship. This week, we were excited to release to you one such commentary made specifically for ministers, teachers, and seminary students – The Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms. Baker sought the expertise of four top theologians who specialize in this field, and give special attention to the poetic structure and literary devices of Old Testament Scripture.

The set includes seven volumes, and each ones has been deeply researched. Each commentator provides his own complete translation from the Hebrew text, and you can compare this to other translations inside WORDsearch. Even though it’s scholarly, it’s easy to read, with technical language issues handled in the footnotes.

Every once in a while we come across reference works that are destined to become the most respected and consulted in a specific area. This is one of those works, so take a closer look.

Christians love the Bible, but they often do not know what to do with the Old Testament.” – Tremper Longman

Dr. Tremper Longman is a seminary professor, prolific author, and highly-respected theologian. He wrote Old Testament Essentials, our newest release, to make a strong connection between the writings of the Old Testament and the Christian faith. He systematically reviews the Old Testament, reminding us that it includes many different types of writing – history, prophecy, poetry, wisdom, and apocalyptic. Each chapter is in a study-friendly format, with a Bible Study, Reading, Anticipating the New Testament section, and an Ancient Story and Our Story section. If you ever find yourself wondering what Christian implications are contained in an Old Testament passage, consult this book.

Old Testament Essentials won the InterVarsity Press Reader’s Choice Award last year because it was so helpful to students of the Bible, so don’t miss out on this great book. Check it out (on sale).

Quick Reminders:

The Illustrated Life Of Jesus and Illustrated Life of Paul Sale Ends Tuesday

Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors Sale Ends Tuesday, too!

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