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Hi there and happy Valentine’s Day! Welcome to today’s WORDsearch Roundup, everything you might have missed this week, all in one place.

An “aggressively researched” commentary

This week, our customer service reps came up with the idea of putting a large commentary set on sale at a crazy price. They have such an genuine attitude of service! So, we decided to do just that with the Welwyn Commentary Series. Welwyn is a respected, reformed commentary set that covers 60 books of the Bible. It’s also never boring, even regarding what could be considered as boring passages, like genealogies. For example, Matthew’s gospel begins with the genealogy of Jesus, and Welwyn warns not to skip over this section because it teaches important lessons. The author wisely points out that of the 4 women mentioned, Tamar and Rahab were Canaanites and Ruth was a Moabite. Welwyn offered me a teachable lesson regarding God’s universal love for mankind and His desire to save both the Jew and the Gentile. Check out this amazing sale – from $529.98 to $79.95!

God’s Word does not change. God’s world, however, changes in every generation.” – New American Commentary

This week we released a new volume, 1 Corinthians, of the New American Commentary (NAC), a carefully developed, evangelical commentary that makes God’s Word relevant to our world today. In development for over a decade, The New American Commentary series is for those who have been seeking a commentary that honors the Scriptures, represents the finest in contemporary evangelical scholarship and lends itself to practical work of preaching and teaching.

The NAC is unapologetically confessional and rooted in evangelical tradition. The writers seek to illuminate both the historical meaning and contemporary significance of the Holy Scripture. Read more about the NAC and check out our sale.

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  1. Hi All,

    Would love it if I could purchase The Bible Speaks Today commentary series?

    Any thoughts on if this is possible and if so when?


    Senior Pastor
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  2. Any word on a release date for the updated Android app?

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