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Welcome to today’s WORDsearch Roundup, everything you might have missed this week, all in one place.

This week we released an additional two volumes to the Sermon Starters set by John Butler. Even though they are titled Sermon Starters, these are far more than starters. Each concentrates on a single Bible verse and contains an outline of 4 to 6 crisply alliterated sermon (or lesson) points as only this master of alliteration can do. But why don’t you see for yourself what these sermons can do for you? Read an excerpt below from Volume 7 on Unbelief.

“‘And they, when they had heard that he was alive and had been seen of her, believed not’ (Mark 16:11).

Christ had sent Mary Magdalene on a mission to proclaim the resurrection of Christ (John 20:17), but her ministry was utterly rejected. This often happens to many today. But we often blame the ministers instead of the unbelief.

“When they had heard that he was alive . . . believed not.” The disciples were guilty of doing here what they had done during the earthly ministry of Christ, namely, they refused to believe the Word of Christ about the resurrection. No wonder the disciples “mourned and wept” (Mark 16:10). The sadness of the disciples remind us of how to tell the difference between the Pharisees and Sadducees. It is to note that ‘The Sadducees do not believe in the resurrection, therefore, they are sad you see.’ The resurrection of Christ is the foundation of our faith. ake away the resurrection and we have no hope but are miserable instead (I Corinthians 15:19). Take away the resurrection and we have no hope but are miserable instead (I Corinthians 15:19). If the disciples had listened to the Word as it was spoken by Christ they would not be mourning and weeping and in a state or adamant unbelief, but they rejected the Word and when you do that you will be an unbeliever with all its consequences.

“Had been seen of her.” The disciples also showed another characteristic of unbelief, namely, it will reject competent witnesses. You may be the personification of character which is essential to carrying the message of the Lord, and people will still reject you. God often sends us to a people that will not believe our message. We will not be able to boast of many decisions and that will cause others to criticize your ministry. Unbelief likes to criticize the messenger for that helps to discredit the message, but we must consider the character of unbelief before we criticize the messenger with the message.


“Believed not.” Unbelief rejects the evidence. There was plenty of evidence of the resurrection to support Mary Magdalene’s message. There was the competency of the witness. The empty tomb, the condition of the grave clothes, the angels, and the stone rolled away, etc. All of these things would be involved in the message of the resurrection but unbelief (as seen here in the disciples) refused to accept the obvious evidence of the resurrection. Therefore unbelief is a condition of the heart not the head. A more clever presentation of the Gospel is not the answer. Unbelief rejects the best of evidences. It was said of Bernard Baruch (an unbeliever) that if he met up with God in eternity and was asked why he did not believe in God, he would answer, ‘You [God] did not give us enough evidence. Baruch’s problem is not lack of evidence but lack of faith. Psalm 19:1 makes Baruch’s answer of Tack of evidence’ look very foolish.”

Even though these aren’t full blown sermons, notice how they are carefully written, containing only the distilled material you will actually use. You can add your own illustrations, personal elements, and applications. Don’t miss out on this sale, it includes all seven of the volumes!

Our other sale this week is on the Twenty-First Century Biblical Commentary Series Set, and you can read more about it here.

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