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It’s not hard for a seminary student to get buried under a mound of books when doing research. Under these circumstances, finding the right resource in the stack of books can be more difficult than writing the paper itself! What is the remedy for this common conundrum? WORDsearch Bible Software.

WORDsearch organizes all your textbooks and resources into an easily accessible personal library. That means no more sorting and searching through book after book. With WORDsearch, you can simply filter the library to show only the books you actually need. What’s even more helpful is that you can search the contents of the book, depending on what topic you are researching. Switching between resources on WORDsearch is streamlined to maximize the time you spend doing research.

Backpacks and briefcases tend to fill up fairly quickly with eight hundred page textbooks. Yet, with WORDsearch, you can take your studies with you wherever you go without the hassle of lugging around ninety extra pounds to class. WORDsearch also has smartphone and tablet apps that make transporting textbooks effortless. Simply download the app and you have access to each and every resource you have purchased from WORDsearch. These apps are perfect for making the most of downtime!

Taking notes by hand while reading through a class textbook can slow students down and waste valuable time. WORDsearch has a note-taking feature that streamlines the note-taking process. As you are reading through textbooks, commentaries, and other study materials, you can simply select the sentence or phrase you want to work with and you can then highlight that passage or make specific notes with your computer, smartphone, or tablet. When you are done reading the book, all your notes are stored and can be organized based on the subjects you are studying.

WORDsearch was designed for in-depth Bible study. So, in this area, the program offers the greatest aid to the student of Scripture. One of the best tools in the program is the parallel Bible tool and cross-reference tool. The parallel Bible tool allows the Bible student to see the same passage across a variety of Bible translations. This helps him or her determine the ideas and thoughts that the biblical authors were trying to convey to their audiences. The cross-reference tool makes using a Bible commentary a breeze. Students can be comparing Bible translations while simultaneously seeing the notes from a commentary or study Bible. It makes using a commentary effortless. These two tools significantly cut down on the time spent flipping through various translations and commentaries and blends the process into a straightforward Bible study process.

WORDsearch Bible software is a must-have for any student seeking a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Bible, Theology, Apologetics, or the like. WORDsearch makes Bible study less intimidating. Bible study does not have to be an arduous and stressful endeavor. It can (and should) be an enjoyable experience. WORDsearch simplifies the inductive Bible study process for the modern era. Anyone serious about the study of God’s Word should take advantage of this wonderful tool that will considerably enhance their ability to rightly divide the word of truth!

Lucas Farmer is a graduate student at Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a graduate of the Liberty University School of Religion. Lucas is married and has a four month old son. He and his family live in Lynchburg, VA.

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