April Android Update


An Android app update is here! The WORDsearch Android app has been improved in ways you’ll find more useful than ever.

One of the most exciting parts of this update is that you can now live stream your books. This means that any time you have an internet connection, you can open your library and use your books without downloading them to your device. To read more about how to stream your books, read this Quick Tip.

Here are the rest of the details of what has been updated and improved on the app.

  • Updated user interface
  • Streaming content! No need to download your books
  • Full-text search (of local content)
  • Filter library by title/author
  • In-app store. Purchase new content directly from the app
  • Choose Bible translation for Scripture pop-ups
  • Much faster sync operation
  • Other performance improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • **Internet connection required for the first launch after updating

An important part of the update to note is the new sign-in process. You will have to create a Lifeway ID (different than a WORDsearch ID). Most of you will not have a Lifeway ID, so you will need to follow the steps in this blog post.

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  1. Will this update be available via the Amazon store as well? I have a Kindle Fire HDX and it doesn’t do the Play Store.

  2. I rarely use the Android app, but would love to see a version for Chrome. Is a Chrome app in the works?

  3. Installed update on my android, now it will not accept my password.

  4. So why two separate IDs?

    • Having two IDs isn’t new: the old app already handled both a WordSearch ID and a Lifeway ID, combining both libraries if possible. It looks like the new app is aiming at consolidating the LifeWay and WordSearch libraries into just the LifeWay Library. But to do that, it obviously needs both IDs. I wouldn’t be surprised if the WordSearch ID disappeared in the future, leaving just the LifeWay ID.

      Anyone from WordSearch/Lifeway care to confirm/contradict my understanding.

  5. Great update; some informational items missing, e.g. total # of downloaded books on device; also almost everything seems to reside on internal memory instead of external SD Card. Eats up much memory even on my Note 3; reading real-time is nice but a waste of mobile data and people want better offline access so you have to get the books on the external SD card. So does LOGOS. If Audible can do it, so can WordSearch. I would also prefer to have options to sort the books by author, title, type, etc rather than having the “type” category imposed on me.

  6. I notice you mention http://www.mywsb.com a few times in response to some comments. Can you explain the difference between http://www.mywsb.com and http://www.mystudybible.com? They are both LifeWay resources, and appear to have a lot of the same functionality (user notes, tie to LifeWay account & WORDsearch resources, cross references, etc.). Is one of them considered to be a long term commitment for LifeWay as opposed to the other? Are there any plans to unify them into a single platform at some point? Is one preferred to the other for anyone getting started with a web-based solution? Are there any plans for tighter integration with the WORDsearch desktop product with either of these?
    Thanks in advance for any info and insight!

    • Hi Eric! MyWSB is the one we will be using for the long term commitment and MyStudyBible will be going away. Hope this helps! Thanks so much!

      • Thanks for the info! Any idea if there are plans of tighter integration with the desktop version (ie user note and doc syncing)?
        Should probably change the link at the top of the blog page from MyStudyBible to MyWSB too. 🙂

  7. Brian Treiber says

    When will we be able to sync with our notes and studies on our desktop version?

  8. Joyce White says

    After the latest update the Life Application Bible Notes will not load the Old Testament past 1 Samuel or the New Testament past Acts. I’ve tried it on both my phone and my tablet with the same results. Any suggestions???

  9. Mel Shepherd, Pastor says

    On my Galaxy Note 2, I’m still unable to download books from the cloud. That option doesn’t work! All it does is show you a progress line that seems to be working, but it never stops.

    • Hi Mel, I’m so sorry you are having issues! If you call our tech support, they should be able to help you figure this out. The number is 888.854.8400 Thanks so much!

  10. Marsha Roberts says

    I already had a Lifeway ID and had logged in to the “Lifeway reader” app with this id. My WORDsearch app updated automatically. I didn’t get a screen to login when I started the WORDsearch app. My WORDsearch books were listed and I can access them. Only problem is that when I try to copy or annotate, I get a error message saying “unable to copy text” or “unable to create annotation.”

  11. Actually I love this app. The problem is after downloading, the book will disappear when next I open the app. If I click on the book I will be directed to download it again. What’s the way out?

    • kcornett says

      Hi there! What book are you having this problem with? We haven’t seen this before so will need to report to our developers. Thank you so much!

  12. I have been trying to sign in to sychronize my accounts with wordsearch libray and it want let me sign in or connect to either account. I just purchased an adroid tablet 2/1.

  13. In the update I am not able to use the book mark as before or the note tool. I have a Galaxy 3. I Pray that they will find a way to get that feature back to work for us again. I had a lot of verse studies on my Phone.

    • Hi Leon! Try using http://www.mywsb.com, it is our cloud-based site that is more feature-rich than the Android app. You can use it from any device by going to the site on your browser. Once you log-in with your WORDsearch account you will be able to access your books. Hope this helps! Thank you!

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