Quick Tip for Android – Streaming Books


Note: In order to stream books, you must have updated your Android app to the version released on April 2, 2015.

Live streaming is one of the best features included on the WORDsearch Android app. Any time that you have an internet connection, you can open your library and use your books without downloading them to your device.

When you first open the app after signing in, you will see the books in your library. To stream a book, tap the book that you would like to read, anywhere except the “i” icon. This will open your book and you are ready to read!


If you would like to download a book for offline reading (somewhere that doesn’t have the internet), tap on the “i” icon next to the book title. This will show you the product details and give you the option to download the book.


The app will ask if you are sure you want to download, and once you tap yes, you will see a moving blue bar under your title until it is finished downloading.

If you would like to see all the books you currently have downloaded on your device, you can tap All Products at the top of the screen and then tap Downloaded from the drop-down list of categories.



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  1. Phillip Sorulen says

    I accidently deleted my library.
    Great Bible software for pastors.

    • Hi Phillip! If you give us a call we can help you get your library back. The number is 888.854.8400
      Thank you!

  2. Henry Vanston says

    Will annotations made on the Android sync with the desktop and/or iPad devices?

  3. Can I move the books that I’ve downloaded to my SD card? If so, how do I find the books on my device? I’ve looked and can’t find them.


    • kcornett says

      Hi Jim! This is something that is not currently possible, but that our developers are working on. Thanks for your patience!

      • please let us know when you have finished the app so we can download to sd card…. my android does not have enough storage on the internal card i will have toe use the sd card…i cant stream the books where i am located at church…

        • Hi Carl, this message will be passed along to our technology development team to try to get accomplished as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

  4. I have downloaded my books on to my samsung tablet but cannot view some downloaded books. The cursor just goes around and round. Some books are ok but some I cannot open
    Please help. Its so frustrating. Thanks Grace

  5. Sheryl Palmer says

    Can this be used with the kindle fire

  6. CP Thomas says

    While reading a Bible commentary the verse links and cross references work only when you are online. Even then the links will not work from within pop up window. This is a great inconvenience. We need all links to work even when we are offline.


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