Quick Tip – Sign-in Process for Updated Android App


One of the most important changes in the updated app is the sign-in process. When you first open your updated app, you will need to sign-in with a Lifeway ID. Please note that a WORDsearch ID and Lifeway ID are not the same. If you were signed into the app with your WORDsearch ID before updating, the WORDsearch app has stored your ID so you will still have access to your WORDsearch content.

Most of you will not have created a Lifeway ID, so you will need to follow the steps below. Note: The following instructions are only applicable if you are updating the app. You will not follow these steps if you are newly downloading. If you are a new user, click here for sign-in instructions.

When you first open your updated app, you will see this Welcome Screen.


If you already have a Lifeway ID, tap Login, and you can enter your email and password. Note: If you have forgotten your password, for now you will have to do it by going to https://www.mywsb.com/ and trying to sign-in there. Then you will see the link to reset your password.

Screenshot_2015-04-02-10-20-39 (1)

If you don’t have one, tap Create.

On the Register screen shown below, enter your name, email and password. Then tap Submit.


After you tap Submit, your account is registered and will automatically log you in. You don’t have to sign back in again with your WORDsearch ID.

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  1. Hi Katie,
    Good write up.
    What do I do if I already have a Lifeway ID but I have forgotten my password? I do not see a “Forgot your password” link at the Lifeway ID sign in screen.

    Happy Easter, Julian

  2. I downloaded the program for android, and there is no welcome screen for me to sign into and be linked with my account. How do I deal with that?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Thomas! Do you see the three little dots in the right hand corner, or just nothing? Could you send us a screenshot of what you see? Thank you!

  3. Thomas Miller says

    I see just nothing. On my tablet there is only the sign in for Lifeway accounts nothing for Wordsearch.

    • Hi Thomas! You will have to sign in to your LifeWay account (or create one) and then once you are signed into it you will see the option to sign into your WORDsearch account. Then you will see all of your books! Hope this helps! Thank you!

  4. Raymond Hubbard says

    I had to sign in first with my Lifeway account and a second time with my WordSearch account. Once logged in some of the files won’t download to my tablet

  5. BroJames says

    Not sure why, but when I sign in with my Lifeway.com account I only have 3 Bibles and 1 other book. So I logged out and logged back in with my WordSearch account and I have what appears most of my books. Go figure!!

  6. Same thing happen to me on my smartphone. It seems we have to log into BOTH to get it to work? Seems odd, doesn’t it?

  7. kcornett says

    Hi James! You have to be logged in to both your LifeWay and your WORDsearch account so that they can sync. Now in the future you shouldn’t have to sign in to your WORDsearch again because it will have it stored. Hope this helps and glad you got it working! Thank you!

  8. kcornett says

    Hi Will! Yes you will have to be signed in to both your LifeWay and your WORDsearch account so that they will be able to sync! Thank you!


  1. […] Quick Tip – Sign-in Process for Updated Android App […]

  2. […] Quick Tip – Sign-in Process for Updated Android App […]

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