Guest Post: Quick Tip – How to Find the Sets in Your Library


Sometimes books in WORDsearch are sold or offered separately, but need to be treated as a single book in the Library, otherwise known as Sets. An example of a set would be a New Testament commentary sold as separate volumes, like Romans, Acts, Matthew, etc, but when you use them in the program, they work better when they are treated as a single book, collected all together. A Set can be as small as two volumes, or as large as over 30 volumes, and will function the same even if you don’t own the whole thing.

There are a few different ways to see/find the Sets in your collection. The first method is by using your Library List.

From the Tools menu bar, select My Library List.

My Library List

When the window opens, notice in the summary info at the bottom that the number of books is listed along with the number of volumes. The reason these numbers are not the same is due to Sets.


If you scan down the list of books you may notice that some of the books have exactly the same name until they get to a hyphen. These books are part of the same Set –  the part of the book name ahead of the hyphen is the name of the Set and the part after the hyphen is the volume name. If you can’t see the whole name of the volume, just hold your mouse over the title, and it will popup the entire name.


The second method to see your Sets is by using the Resources list in the Library window.

Make sure the push pin is selected to keep the Library window. As you scan down your library, the book icon means it is a single book, while the round button means it is a single volume in a Set.

The third method to find your Sets also uses the Library window.

Right-click on the name of a book you are interested in and choose Properties from the menu of choices. This will open up a window with a description of the book, telling you the Set name (if it has one) along with all of the volumes of the Set that you own. You can click on any of the volumes to get a description of each volume.

Note: To tell if you own every volume in a set, you will have to visit and check there.

-Written by guest blogger Dale DePriest. Dale is a long time user of WORDsearch. He has taught adult Sunday School since the ’70s and uses WORDsearch for class presentation and private study. He also prepares and gives sermons once a month at a care facility in Grass Valley, CA.

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  1. Method two mentioned the Library view resource. To make this work you need to select the “View by Author – Title” from the check box. I am the author and would be glad to clarify any item that is confusing.

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