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If you love studying God’s Word everywhere you go, you’ll be excited to hear that WORDsearch has just released a newly updated

myWSB is Lifeway’s premiere digital library and research tool, designed to help you become a better student of God’s Word. It offers a seamless way to access books through your favorite browser or mobile app.

A cloud-based site, myWSB is meant to help students access their books anywhere with an internet connection – be it a mobile device (without the WORDsearch app), or a computer at a public library. Signing in with a Lifeway ID allows the books you own (in the Lifeway Reader or WORDsearch) to sync and be accessed anywhere. This also syncs all your notes and highlights from myWSB to the WORDsearch mobile apps so work can be continued from somewhere else.

The newly designed site includes a cleaner, easy-to-use interface with a collapsible menu for more working space, an improved Annotations Tool, an updated Word Study tool, a Parallel Bible tool for studying multiple translations, and access to Strong’s and NASB GK numbers. It also has easy access to cross-references, Greek/Hebrew roots and definitions, and you can even hear difficult Bible words and names pronounced. Through this website you also have access to over 20,000 titles.

Thousands of Bible college students already use myWSB for speedy coursework. Even if you are not a Bible college student, you can still take advantage of myWSB to deepen your study and access over 20,000 reference tools. WORDsearch believes that by becoming a better student of God’s Word, you’ll become a better teacher of God’s Word, no matter where you are in your life.

Check out myWSB here.

We will also be offering free training classes, help videos, and a new FAQ page to help you to get the most out of your new study tools.

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  1. Wynter Sturtevant III says

    Does it sync with the desktop software yet?

  2. Brent Musgrave says

    Is the cross reference tool functioning? I can’t get it to work. Thanks for your help!

    • kcornett says

      Hey Brent, do you mind clarifying? The new myWSB doesn’t have a cross-reference tool at the moment.

      • Brent Musgrave says

        This function is available on and I found this on the Help Menu on
        The most powerful feature of the Study Panel is the Cross Reference Tab. This tab will always display Library content that is related to the Bible passage being read. It is also used to display Footnotes associated with a verse of the Bible.

        The Cross Reference tab is divided into multiple categories. It opens the first time with the Study Bible Notes category expanded. Clicking another category name will collapse the Study Notes category and open the clicked category. For example, clicking the Dictionary category in the Cross Reference Tab will display dictionary content for words in the Bible verse being read which have definitions in a Library dictionary.

        There are two conditions that cause the contents of the Cross Reference Tab to change:

        1. Moving to a different location in the Bible.
        2. Clicking on any verse number being displayed in a Bible tab.

        Also, I can’t get commentaries or other books. to sync with my open bible on Am I missing something? Looking forward to more great enhancements to WORDsearch. Keep up the good work!

  3. I really like this idea. Unfortunately it still does not run on my computer. I am running Windows 7 right now. Earlier today sign-in would not work. It still does not work. Now, later in the day, it does not format correctly on the page (everything is pushed over to the right hand side of the page). I know you are all working to get this up and running. I think this is going to something real good after debugging it; looking forward to using it in the future. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

    • kcornett says

      Thanks for your feedback and patience Ken! Our developers are continuing to work through these problems. Thanks again!

  4. I like the concept, but it still doesn’t work right. Even though I am still signed in, it doesn’t keep my settings nor my layout. it all has to be redone each time. Also, it doesn’t format correctly on the iPad. I also miss the tabs in each window from the first version, and being able to re-arrange them. keeps my settings and also has the tabs. Thanks for working on this.

  5. In the blog post above it says, “Signing in with a LifeWay ID allows the books you own (in the LifeWay Reader or WORDsearch) to sync and be accessed anywhere.”

    So, do I need to register as a new user to mywsb? I tried logging in with my existing email/password that I use to access my account at, but it says that is an incorrect email. How does it know what WORDsearch books I own if I have to register as a new user?

    • kcornett says

      Hi Jerry, when you create a new LifeWay ID and log in, then you will sync your WORDsearch account and it will know what books you own. Does that make sense?

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