Quick Tip for myWSB – New Library Homepage Basics


This is a Quick Tip for myWSB.

The My Library page on myWSB contains all your owned books and resources once you are signed in and linked up to your WORDsearch account. To do this, click Sign In on the top right corner on the home page and sign in or create a Lifeway ID. Once you are signed in with your Lifeway ID, it will take you to the My Library page. Click on the Settings icon profile, then click on Linked ID’s and sign in with your WORDsearch Bible account by clicking Link and filling in your email and password.

Once you are signed in and linked to your WORDsearch account (or even without linking you can use the free books in the MyWSB library), navigate to the My Library page by clicking on the Library button in the collapsible Resources Menu on the left side of the screen.


This is the resources menu expanded, when collapsed will only see symbols.Once on the page, all user content will be displayed in thumbnail view.

Once on the page, all user content will be displayed in thumbnail view. Once on the My Library page, all user content will be displayed in thumbnail view.

You can search your library by using the Categories menu on the left side of the screen, or by using the Filter Library search bar located in the top left corner of the screen.


Your list of categories may differ from the above image.


You can search by Title/Author or by Content. Selecting the Content option allows for a search to be performed inside the content of the My Library page. i.e searching for a specific bible verse, passage, etc.


While searching Content add “” around the search phrase to search the phrase as a whole. For example, searching ‘And Jesus wept’ will search for “And”, “Jesus”, and “Wept”. Adding “” to the verse: “And Jesus wept” will search for the phrase as a whole.

To open a resource from the My Library page, mouse over the desired resource’s thumbnail. This will show the Information info and Open  reader icons. Click on the Open reader  icon on the right.


After clicking on the Open icon, the resource will open in a new pane on the Reader page, but the page will not automatically be redirected to the Reader.


To view the now open resource, click the View icon, or navigate back to the Reader page by clicking Reader in the Resource Menu on the left side of the page. To close an open resource from the Library page, click on the Close, icon to the right of the View icon.

To view a description of a resource, without opening it, click the Information info icon. Once on the information page, the book/resource can be opened by clicking the Open in Reader open button located under the picture of the book/resource.

To navigate back to the library page, click the Back to Library back button above the book/resource picture.


  1. John Simpson says

    >>“And Jesus wept” will search for the phrase as a whole.

    Not for me – results show any of the words.

    First few:

    10 Questions
    In Appreciation
    teacher, professor, friend, and now collaborator. He has excelled in all of these roles. Most of all, I am thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ, who has allowed me to experience the joy of salvation and the privilege of service. Alex McFarland, former president Southern Evangelical Seminary, speaker, and broadcaster

    Contents) Chapter 5 Is Jesus the Only Way? (Elmer Towns) Chapter 6

    Deuteronomy 1:45 Then you came back to the place of worship at Kadesh-Barnea and wept, but the Lord would not listen to your prayers.

    Matthew 1:1 Chapter 1 The Ancestors of Jesus 1 1 Jesus Christ came from the family of King David and also from the family

  2. John Simpson says

    Found the bug – looks like Firefox sometimes inserts smart quotes, which mess it up.

    In two different searches:
    Search results for ““And Jesus wept”” (179115) (all quotes smartquotes)
    Search results for “”And Jesus wept”” (610) (middle quotes are straight quotes)

    • Dale DePriest says

      I would expect that this would not work with smartquotes. The ascii value of smart quotes is nothing like straight quotes. The bug is in Firefox.

  3. When I tried “And Jesus wept” is found all of the Jesus wept with or without the And. When the actual Bible version that had and Jesus wept instead of “Jesus wept” by itself and “then Jesus wept” it did not highlight the word And making be think it is not in the database. It is likely that common words liken then and and are not searched because the database does not contain them. It did find “Jesus wept” and interestingly Jesus AND wept found where Jesus and wept were not necessarily together but close.


  4. Dale DePriest says

    How is myWSB.com positioned differently than MyStudyBible.com? The MyStudyBible link is at the top of this page. Are they competing services? complementary services? Are both continuing? Is perhaps one targeted at mobile browsers?


    • kcornett says

      Hi Dale! myWSB is the new MyStudyBible. The blog just hasn’t been update yet to reflect that. Thank you!

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