Guest Post – myWSB and the Mobile Pastor


When people think of a pastor they have a mixed bag of imagery. Some see him as a kind older man hugging people in the hospital and others envision a gentleman locked away in his study praying for the people and digging into the Word of God. While both of those certainly are the case, most of us are walking a different path. As a preaching elder I am in need of study. It is a heavy load to stand in front of God’s people every week and help to explain the Word of God and then show them how they might apply that to their lives. At the same time I am always moving. Sometimes I am in the office, other times I am rushing off to the hospital and still at many times through the week I sit in a coffee shop listening and sharing with people that are counted among our church. For this mobile lifestyle WORDsearch is my friend.

With WORDsearch Bible I have a fantastic set of tools I use to dive deeper into the Bible. With the new cloud site I have many of those tools and nearly all of my books wherever I am.

As a long time WORDsearch user I cannot be more thrilled with the new myWSB. Some of the features I am loving this past week are:

  1. The annotations tool. I simply highlight a passage or line and a menu appears allowing me to highlight the text, bookmark the passage, add a quick note, and even copy a link to that text. I’ve used the link feature to get our church reading along with me. As I study I will make some quick notes to review later when I begin writing the sermon. Over time these in a way will build  your own personal Study Bible.
  2. The reader page is sleek and easy to read. The columned layout keeps everything in view but are large enough I can read through the content. The collapsible menu leaves everything at my fingertips but out of the way of my study.
  3. Finally the easy-to-use library page gives me quick access to all of my books. I have over 4,000 books ready, sorted, and searchable anywhere I have an internet connection. With myWSB I am not only able to search the title/author of a book but the content as well, making getting what I need quick and efficient.

WORDsearch is built for people who study and teach the Word of God. myWSB furthers that assistance to wherever I go. Waiting in the hospital I can read up on the text using the mobile app. Sitting in the coffee shop I can unpack the passage with myWSB. The pastorate has changed, churches have changed – now more than ever having my resources with me as I move out into the community is so very important. This is why I am so thankful and excited about myWSB.

Josh King is the lead pastor at Sachse’s Church (Just Northeast of Dallas) and passionate about church revitalization and WORDsearch. You can connect with him at

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