Guest Post: Quick Tip – In-Depth Topical Searching with Sets


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Sets are a wonderful way to manage books with many volumes. There are multiple tools in WORDsearch to help you find the topics that you are interested in studying, but there can be a limitation if you have set names that are too high level to permit finding everything you might be interested in.

Let’s suppose you want to start a new study on the book of Romans. One of the first things you are likely to want to do is to find out how many volumes you own that will provide resources for your study.

To narrow down your references to just the specific book of Romans, you can use the Filter box located in the top of your Resources tab. Filter box entries are useful to find entries in the book names quickly. I personally found 7 entries, one in Topics and 6 in Commentaries. But I know I have more commentaries on Romans in my library than that. The filter only works with single book names and set names, no matter what view, so in order to find more entries: (Note: You may need administrative rights on your computer to do the following.)

  1. Look in the Menu: Options and select Settings to determine where your books are stored. Then exit WORDsearch.
  2. Use the file browser to traverse to the folder found is step one and scroll to the “Sets” entry.
  3. Right-click on sets and rename the entry to something else, like or aaaa. The name doesn’t matter so long as its not sets and you can remember it for later. Be careful that you do not delete this folder.
  4. Start WORDsearch and take a look at your resources list. It is likely to look quite a bit different since there are no sets displayed any longer. Try out the various views and note what you see.
  5. Type in the word “Romans” in the Filter box and see what happens. Mine found 28 entries, many of which have the same or similar name. I saw a lot of volumes named Romans. I am now confident that I have located all my resources on Romans, at least all that are devoted specifically to this book.
  6. I would suggest that you now clear all open books if you have any open and then open all of the entries you found in your resources. Once they are all opened it will be easily to create a desktop or a collection for all your resources which you can then save for use later. You could also just write down all of the book names for later use.
  7. Now it is time to restore your sets so exit WORDsearch, return to the file explorer window, and rename the Sets folder back to Sets.
  8. Restart WORDsearch and everything should be back to normal. Some automatic re-indexing is normal.

-Written by guest blogger Dale DePriest. Dale is a long time user of WORDsearch. He has taught adult Sunday School since the ’70s and uses WORDsearch for class presentation and private study. He also prepares and gives sermons once a month at a care facility in Grass Valley, CA.

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